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  • make-up Switzer Daily

    World’s richest woman’s death reminds me of a great sales lesson!

    Peter Switzer

    Because you’re worth it.

  • CBA Switzer Daily

    6 things you need to know today

    In The News

    CBA sells CommInsure life insurance business, Fed meeting outcome, ACCC to appeal Fed Court decision on Medibank, plus more.

  • myerstorefrontg Switzer Daily

    Should you be looking to buy Myer shares?

    Andrew Main

    There might be too many rivals munching away at the old giant’s lunch.

  • blocks Switzer Daily

    Time to review your SMSF strategy

    Bryan Ashenden

    There are many factors that go into creating the right investment strategy. [Sponsored Content]

  • lowfat Switzer Daily

    Low fat is dead

    Ross Walker

    Let's finally put the low fat con job in the dustbin of bad medical history.

Today on Switzer

  • screenshot_20170921_163147

    Raymond Chen, Joshua Zhou and Ross Walker


    Chinese consumers are well-known for their overseas shopping sprees. Peter Switzer talks to Raymond Chen, Joshua Zhou and Ross Walker about how they turned this growing market into a viable businesses (broadcast on Wednesday 20 September, 2017).

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  • Screen_Shot_2017-09-21_at_4.04.19_pm

    Simon Conn


    Portfolio manager Simon Conn of Investors Mutual joins Switzer TV to talk about the recent reporting season (broadcast on Wednesday 20 September, 2017).

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  • Screen_Shot_2017-09-21_at_9.45.07_am

    Hamish Douglass


    Meet Hamish Douglass of Magellan Financial Group, the man responsible for turning a 2007 startup into a funds management business with a staggering $50 billion in funds under management (broadcast on Wednesday 20 September, 2017).

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  • Screen_Shot_2017-09-21_at_10.16.05_am

    Graeme Colley


    Graeme Colley of SuperConcepts joins Switzer TV to discuss how easy it is to transfer shares into your super fund (broadcast on Wednesday 20 September, 2017).

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  • Screen_Shot_2017-09-20_at_4.57.22_pm

    Greg Griffith


    Family Business Australia's Greg Griffith joins Switzer TV to discuss the organisation and the family business sector (broadcast on Tuesday 19 September 2017).

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  • Screen_Shot_2017-09-20_at_4.43.14_pm

    Paul Dales


    The RBA minutes revealed that the central bank remains positive on the economy but still has a big watch on the housing sector, wages and the Aussie dollar. So what is Capital Economics' Paul Dales view on this? (broadcast on Tuesday 19 September).

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