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  • 20180716001354258772-original Switzer Daily

    Is your job and super more important than Ronaldo, George Clooney and Meghan?

    Peter Switzer

    You won't believe this news!

  • trumpcheering Switzer Daily

    5 things you need to know today

    In The News

    Trump attacks on Twitter, AUD roller coaster and Turkey refuses to extradite Australian terrorist.

  • investorsignposts Switzer Daily

    Will consumer and business prices lift?

    Craig James - CommSec

    Petrol prices, job data, trade prices and more.

  • 20180205001333612940-original Switzer Daily

    AGL’s Vessey needs to fall on his sword

    Paul Rickard

    His actions have cost shareholders billions of dollars.

  • Referee Switzer Daily

    It's OK to smack but is it right to bash our banks?

    Peter Switzer

    Time to blow the whistle?

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