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  • 20171206001326531284-minihighres Switzer Daily

    Peter Costello warns that rates will rise and your property's value will fall!

    Peter Switzer

    Isn't he just stating the bleeding obvious?

  • magnesium Switzer Daily

    How much magnesium do you need?

    Health & Wellbeing

    Find out more about this superhero nutrient.

  • Facebook_518x344 Switzer Daily

    7 things you need to know today

    In The News

    Policeman charged in America over shooting, Peter Costello's rate warning and driverless car kills pedestrian.

  • mad_about_money_2 Switzer Daily

    Mad About Money: Stock Market negativity and more BS news


    In this week's episode, what'll be the fallout from Shorten's naked tax grab and what's with all the stock market negativity?

  • 20180305001337378075-minihighres Switzer Daily

    How will Labor's tax changes affect Australia?

    David Bassanese

    The overall effect on the share market and economy may not be as great as some people claim.

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