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Signs of recovery?
China’s recent good growth numbers have added more fuel to the recovery fire. But should we believe it, or is the China strength story a little over inflated? To find out, Peter Switzer caught up with Austrade's chief economist, Tim Harcourt. read more >

Q&A - Entering the stock market
Q. I am 30 years of age and am dying to get into the stock market but because the market has gone up so far, I am afraid of getting into it and then finding the market will collapse on me. What is your advice?  A. I get th... read more >

Q&A - What is the best way to trade?
What is the best way to FX TRADE? Is GFT the best broker? Your question is interestingly simply, but scares me a bit. I would have to say that investing can be hard but trading takes you to a new level of risk and return. Even ... read more >

Q&A - Short selling made simple
Short selling – please, please – in simple terms. I am new to the market and it’s a little complicated. As you are new to the market, let’s break this seemingly simple term down so you can understand wha... read more >

Q&A – Help with ETFs
My wife and I would like to invest in the share market in the near future and I have seen guests on your show discuss ETFs. What are the pros and cons of investing with an ETF? And how would we select one to invest with? We are... read more >

Portfolio builder

18 February 2010 - I want to build a portfolio but I don’t know how to do it. Should I go to a full-service broker or a discount internet... read more >

Cheap shares, good dividends?

28 January 2010 - I have been reading that companies with good dividends are the ones that I should be adding to my portfolio. Some are pretty... read more >

ETFs explained

22 January 2010 - I keep hearing about ETFs as being good for small or novice investors. What are they and are they safe? An Exchange Traded... read more >

Borrowing money to buy shares

14 January 2010 - I could not believe my ears when someone told me that you can borrow to buy shares. As it seems as though it is true, could... read more >

New to the stock market – is now the right time to buy shares?

17 December 2009 - I have never been in the stock market before and I am wondering if you think this is the right time to invest in the stock... read more >

Is margin lending for shares safe?

17 December 2009 - I’ve heard about people making a lot of money using margin loans in the past, but the share price falls recently have... read more >

What are hedge funds?

11 December 2009 - I am confused about hedge funds as they have attracted a lot of bad press but other money commentators say they should be... read more >

Mind your Ps and Es

08 December 2009 - I keep reading about and hearing financial commentators and brokers talking about P/Es for shares and it always seems important... read more >

Endowment warrants

11 November 2009 - Q. What are endowment warrants and is it a good time to think about investing in these?   A. In simple terms you pay a... read more >

What is your super contribution?

03 November 2009 - Q. I am often hearing that 9% compulsory super is not enough for a comfortable retirement and that it should be 15%. What do... read more >

Understanding P/E ratios

29 October 2009 - Q. I keep reading about and hearing financial commentators and brokers talking about P/Es for shares and it always seems... read more >

Should I jump into the share market?

26 October 2009 - Q. Every day when I get up and see that the stock market is up again, I think I have missed the boat with this rally. Should I... read more >

Q&A - Have I missed the boat?

19 October 2009 - Q. What is your view on the stock market? I am 25-years-old and have missed out on the current rally and wonder is it too late... read more >

Q&A - Margin loans made simple

09 October 2009 - Q. Lots of people got into trouble with the crash of the stock market last year because they had margin loans, or so I have... read more >

Q&A - Borrowing to buy shares

06 October 2009 - Q. I could not believe my ears when someone told me that you can borrow to buy shares. As it seems as though it is true, could... read more >

Dollar dazzlers

01 October 2009 - The Aussie Dollar hit a fresh 13-month high this week boosted by a positive investor sentiment and following signs that our... read more >

Q&A – Help with ETFs

28 September 2009 - My wife and I would like to invest in the share market in the near future and I have seen guests on your show discuss ETFs.... read more >

Q&A - Short selling made simple

14 September 2009 - Short selling – please, please – in simple terms. I am new to the market and it’s a little complicated. As... read more >

Safety in numbers

07 September 2009 - Is there such a thing as a guarantee for your investments? While capital protection sounds like a pretty good idea, what does... read more >

Q&A - Options

07 September 2009 - Q. I have been advised that a good way to buy shares is to do it with a company with options. Could you explain what... read more >

Top picks and value investments

02 September 2009 - Corporate reporting season is well and truly underway and market watchers have been broadly pleased with the latest rounds of... read more >

Q&A - What is the best way to trade?

26 August 2009 - What is the best way to FX TRADE? Is GFT the best broker? Your question is interestingly simply, but scares me a bit. I would... read more >

The new investors

15 August 2009 - With the economic recovery, there are a growing number of investors looking for places to put their cash. So what type of... read more >

Signs of recovery?

14 August 2009 - China’s recent good growth numbers have added more fuel to the recovery fire. But should we believe it, or is the China... read more >

Q&A: Changing bank accounts

13 August 2009 - Q. I want to switch bank accounts as my bank simply does not give a toss about me, but I don’t like the thought of the... read more >

Companies of the future

12 August 2009 - Shares expert Simon Bond, partner at ABN AMRO Morgans and expert on returns to help Peter Switzer discuss the... read more >

Trading strategies

12 August 2009 - Peter Switzer talks trading strategies with money market and interest rate expert David Bassanese. On the agenda is... read more >

Should Macquarie be dumped from the perfect portfolio?

08 August 2009 - What does Madonna and a meerkat have to do with Macquarie Group? On Peter Switzer’s SWITZER on Sky News Business... read more >

Q&A: Choosing a fund manager

06 August 2009 - Q. Could you give me some guidelines on how to pick a good fund manager to invest my money in? I agree with you that the worst... read more >

Picking stocks

03 August 2009 - There are many nice things about having your own television show but the one I like best of all is that you can ask smart guys... read more >


03 August 2009 - Q. A friend of mine has talked me into CFDs and I have a $40,000 exposure to them. What do you think about them? Ben, Crows... read more >

Risky business

30 July 2009 - Are you a fearless crusader or something of a scaredy-cat when it comes to investing in the stock market? Robin Miranda from... read more >

Top 10 picks for your portfolio

30 July 2009 - Every investor wants to build the hardest working portfolio possible, but how should they go about it? To find out, Peter... read more >

Q&A: managed vs indexed funds

29 July 2009 - Q. There’s a lot of debate about the performance of fund managers versus passive funds or index funds and I am not sure... read more >

When’s up, Doc?

25 July 2009 - Australia’s economy – on the way up? Leading economist says yes. Despite the doomsday cries of the last 12 months,... read more >

Over the hedge

24 July 2009 - With recent falls on the stock market, hedge funds have received a bad rap, often being associated with greed and risky... read more >

Switzer's rich guide

18 July 2009 - The first question you have to ask yourself is: “Do I want to get wealthy?” I don’t mean Frank Lowy rich,... read more >

Q&A - Investments

15 July 2009 - I would like to invest some money in the stock market. I often hear many people recommending investing in the top 100 companies... read more >

Confidence in confidence

27 June 2009 - Beware economic geeks bearing negative ‘gifts’ and remember Julie Andrews when the bad news bearers start to get... read more >

A tough year for both clients and financial planners

09 June 2009 - These are the strangest of times for financial planners with the horrendous market slide not only undermining our... read more >

No time like the present

19 March 2009 - Sure we live in interesting times, and you could call them scary times, but many of you might have heard some pundits say,... read more >

Time to roll the dice

28 February 2009 - The scariest question of all for someone like me came from the ABC’s Midday news host, Roz Childs. It was simple to ask... read more >

Beware of business journalists

28 January 2009 - One of the greatest problems with business journalism is that it’s not written for most amateurs who actually read the... read more >

Who are you?

22 January 2009 - With the stock market looking likely to test the November lows, it could be a great time to ask exactly who are you and what... read more >

Do you feel lucky?

16 January 2009 - With the Australian stock market tumbling 43 per cent last year and this week’s disappointing run of down days on most... read more >

Credit thaw required

10 December 2008 - In case you missed it, the credit market freeze is ultimately a symptom of the financial mistakes that created the US housing... read more >

Decisions, decisions

28 November 2008 - At a time when the battle over the R-word — that’s R for recession — has got so hot that it has been... read more >

Killing doom

21 November 2008 - Excuse me for venting my spleen, but I have had a gutful of the gloom headlines and the doomsday merchants. In fact, it is time... read more >

Nought in the noughties

19 November 2008 - When we reflect upon the Crash of 2008 in years to come, we will always remember the sorry saga of Eddy Groves and ABC Learning... read more >

How do you get rich?

15 November 2008 -  As the stock market’s ups and downs affects the upward march of the Aussie dollar, and investors ponder if... read more >

Don't change horses mid-race

13 November 2008 - A prominent wealth-building operator has warned Australians about doing something as irrational as putting their investments... read more >

Creating bankable solutions

23 October 2008 - On the day Black Friday was born two weeks ago, when stock markets globally spun out of control, my media enquiries went into... read more >

Where's the bounce?

17 October 2008 - The big question for the week has to be why didn’t interest rate cuts and a better rescue package for troubled global... read more >

Economic lateral thinking

15 October 2008 - The Malcolm Turnbull demand for banks to pass on the full interest rate cut has been criticised for being opportunistic and... read more >

Ethics or the dollar?

03 September 2008 - The biggest mistake any investor could make is to ignore the cleaner, greener and more ethically sound world that’s... read more >

Hedge your bets carefully

20 August 2008 - Some investors call them parasites while others simply call them hedge funds. They have made some impressive returns in recent... read more >

Ring my bell

07 August 2008 - At long last we’re seeing a turnaround in stock markets to signal the end of the bear market. Let me say that more and... read more >

Stay off the bandwagon

03 July 2008 - Holding shares now is not for the feint-hearted but remember it is coldest just before the dawn. Ironically, in the absence of... read more >

Time to look at the data

27 June 2008 - The week ahead will bring a run of economic data both here and in the USA, which could have a big impact on two important... read more >

Pick the perfect portfolio

26 June 2008 - With hedge funds prowling around to undermine the share price of even solid companies such as Fairfax Media and Qantas, the big... read more >

In it to win it

20 June 2008 - With share price valuations falling to the lowest evaluations in, wait for it, 19 years, the question you have to ask yourself... read more >

Play the market

19 June 2008 - With the stock market in much lower territory compared to last year, and even to recent months, it must be getting close to the... read more >

Is your planner on the ball?

12 June 2008 - At a time when financial stocks have been trashed on the stock market and banks are having trouble attracting funding,... read more >

Damage control

02 April 2008 - read more >

Go for quality and survive the ride

14 March 2008 - With the stock market not cheering loudly for the US Federal Reserve’s $200 billion rescue package for credit markets,... read more >

How do you pick your stocks?

13 March 2008 - With the stock market making monkeys out of experts and the new valuations for popular shares making many comment that good... read more >

Time to be greedy

05 March 2008 - The line I have picked up, which I will never forget, came from my favourite investment guru – Warren Buffet. He recently... read more >

Bride over troubled waters

23 February 2008 - Like a bridge over troubled waters the investors of this country turn to our economic and market gurus to give us a clue to how... read more >

Days like these

18 January 2008 - With the stock market’s slide pushing the correction to 13% since November, my lack of concern could be summed up as... read more >

A prayer for the yanks

14 December 2007 - Spending time worrying about America is not a regular Aussie pastime. And it’s more the case when it is connected to... read more >

Fasten your seat belt

05 December 2007 - These are challenging times for investors and wealth builders with stock markets heading south more times than north in recent... read more >

What's on the horizon?

19 September 2007 - With the US central banker Ben Bernanke riding to the rescue of worldwide money markets and triggering a 330-point plus spike... read more >

Spring fever

01 September 2007 - Hold your breath wealth builders - we're now in the worst month of all for stock markets. And with the sub-prime mess still... read more >

How long can the good news continue

08 June 2007 - With economic growth turbo-charging up into the fast lane and unemployment heading to 32-year lows and the stock market in... read more >

The sucker's rally

07 April 2007 - This week’s frenzied rush for media stocks following the Wednesday’s start date for the federal Government’s... read more >

Market moves

01 March 2007 - Hate to say I told you so, but I did suggest in an earlier newsletter this year that we should expect a correction of the... read more >

Let's think positive

01 October 2006 - All investments need to be scrutinised, numbers wise, before your hard-earned money is slipped into a great idea. Buying shares... read more >

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