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Can I claim expat-moving expenses?

After being head-hunted to an Australian company while overseas, the company I joined does not reimburse moving expenses. Can I claim tax deductions for the moving expenses incurred by the move as work-related expenses?

The answer is not all that simple to cover fully. It’s all based on intention. Usually when the company really wants someone, they do pay for him/her or they give you the option that the job is yours, but moving expenses are your problem too. If you do accept this condition, it was your choice and therefore the Tax Office regards it as non-deductible.

That’s an accountant’s hard-nosed view, but I always recommend testing every answer you don’t like to the max. I would ask another accountant. I would call the tax office’s hotline – 13 28 61 – and explain your circumstances at least two times to see if you can get a better answer.

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Published on: Saturday, February 12, 2011

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