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Income protection explained

My husband is looking at working casually as a teacher in a private business college. Is he eligible to apply for income protection? He would be working regular hours over two campuses — Parramatta and North Sydney.

Income protection is a kind of insurance that is open to both employees and the self-employed. However, the self-employed are more switched on about this kind of insurance as they are responsible for paying themselves wages and looking after their pay if they can’t work.

On the other hand, employees often take out income protection. You see, workers compensation and sickness benefits from an employer only applies for a certain amount of time and won’t necessarily replace what income is earned when you are fully fit and working.

Income protection should be geared up to make sure you can meet expenses that you cannot avoid such as school fees, loan repayments, etc. As with all things you buy, do your homework and find out what the insurances costs, what kind of coverage you get and what is in the fine print that could knockout your right to compensation if it’s required.

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Published on: Thursday, August 26, 2010

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