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Step 1 - Get smart when it comes to money

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Apart from not being loved, our greatest fear is to be poor. For some of us, it’s our greatest worry but,
rankings aside, no one wants to have money worries.

A couple of years ago, a post-New Year’s Eve survey found, for the first time ever, the number
one New Year’s resolution was “to get my money life in order”. Yes, even over giving up cigarettes
or losing weight!

Over the coming pages, I will give you 12 irrefutable laws of how to get your money house in
order and show you how you can start building wealth.

A financial education
If you’re a parent, you’d hate to think your kids would be too poor to eat well, to buy a nice place
to live, or be able to bring up their own kids in comfort.

Australia’s top rating radio personality, Alan Jones, once contacted me to see if I could help
Jamie, a young listener, with his money troubles. He was married with two children and thought he
might lose his house. He and his wife had newish cars with loans against them. He had borrowed
his deposit using a personal loan his dad had borrowed for him.

So, he had two loans to pay off and the personal loan on a short payback period was crippling him.
To make matters worse, he was off work with an injury and had lost his job. He was behind in
his repayments and, more bad news, the value of his home was falling under the weight of rising
interest rates.

He told Jones that he had never been taught anything about managing money and wanted to
learn so that he didn’t teach his own children bad money habits.

The guy didn’t expect to save his situation but was prepared to give anything a go. He simply
wanted to learn how to be responsible with money so his kids would never go through what he
had gone through.

Over the next 12 steps, I will give you the assets I have collected over 35 years of money
commentary and financial planning – the gift of how you can build wealth!

I thank Jamie for his guts to ask for help and dedicate these 12 steps to him.

Part two of this 12 part series will be available from 28/12/12.

Published on: Thursday, December 27, 2012

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