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How can I give a parcel of shares to my kids?

I would like to give my two children a parcel of shares each, that I already hold personally. I have been informed that I’ll need to fill in an off market transfer form. However, on reading the form it requests details like buyer’s name and amount of consideration. Also I have been informed that there is a $190 transfer fee for each parcel of shares.

Is there an easier way of transferring shares free of charge to my sons as a gift?

What a great parent and what a fantastic, useful present for children. I talked to Mark Southwell Keely, stockbroker from Sydney’s Select Equities and they said they can organise off market transfers. He thought the charge was around $35 per transfer. And unfortunately there’s no easy way around the paperwork, which must be completed.

Also be aware that you could trigger a capital gains tax issue if your shares have increased in value.

Maybe a word to a broker, accountant or adviser might highlight some of the things you should be thinking about. One of my colleagues said you could also think about selling your shares for $20 a trade and then buying them back in your children’s names.

Some people buy shares for their kids within a trust, but that involves the expense of setting up a trust. Doing something really nice for your children can open up a can of worms if you’re trying to do it inexpensively.

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Published on: Friday, February 24, 2012

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