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How can I help my son with property investment?

My son wants to buy a home as he’s getting married soon, but he just can’t afford it, despite the fact he has a great job and he wants to move back home to save up for a deposit. What should I tell him?

Presuming you like your son and your daughter-in-law to be, I’d consider a deal. Get them to create a plan based on what they earn and can save. You’re being nice letting them come back home, but you should make the deal business-like so they don’t get distracted. A savings goal should be established and a timeline created. The disciplined approach will teach them a valuable lesson for life.

Another option could be for them to borrow for an investment property while they live with you. The tax deductions could help them save and could make it possible for them to move into the rented place after a few years of pay rises. Also, three years of capital gain on the rented property could help the couple build up enough wealth to buy another property.

Whatever you decide, make sure there’s a plan.

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Published on: Wednesday, May 25, 2011

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