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7 tips for spring selling

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We have less than a fortnight to go until springtime, so if you’re looking to put your house on the market, this can be a prime time for selling.

According to Michael Atwell, founder of online real estate agency, spring is usually the optimum time to sell a home, thanks to the number of buyers out in force from September to November.

To prepare sellers for the season ahead, Atwell shares his tips to lure buyers and stand out from the block.

1. Spring clean

Obvious it may be, but cleaning should be your top priority. Remove clutter from the home and dust every nook and cranny. A fresh-looking house will be much more attractive to a buyer than one which is dusty and dirty. And, if you can’t do it yourself, hire a professional cleaner to make the place look spic-and-span.

2. Pay attention to floors, windows and mirrors

Once you’ve cleaned the house top to bottom, give floors, windows and mirrors a touch up. These should positively shine and twinkle.

3. The perfect furniture balance

Most houses are over-furnished so to make rooms seem more spacious. Consider removing some pieces of furniture. Alternatively, if your home is a little too minimalist, consider hiring furniture to make the place seem comfortable and cosy.

4. Finishing touches

This may seem trivial but ensure towels and manchester are clean and neat. Your bedroom and bathroom will look that much more homely and inviting if there are clean fluffy towels and crisp bed sheets on display.

Another tip,bring a little spring inside. Arrange bouquets and vases of flowers strategically in every room to showcase the spring season inside your home as well.

5. Don’t forget outside

Once you’ve cleaned inside your house, don’t forget its outside appeal. Mow lawns, rake leaves, trim bushes, remove cobwebs – make sure your home looks appealing from the outside as well as within.

6. Snap a pretty picture

Take quality and powerful photographs, using a wide-angle lens. Also, shoot external shots in the daytime and evening. Wet tiles and driveways before taking the shot for maximum effect. If you’re an amateur photographer, hire a professional. They can present your property in the best light.

7. Remove pets

For open inspections, remove all pets. Nothing says ‘no deal’ quite like a slobbering dog. And, if you’ve got a case of the pet smells, air your house out a couple of days in advance and use air fresheners to give your property a fresh scent.

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Published on: Tuesday, August 16, 2011

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