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Operation renovation – tips on getting the job done

I am embarking on a renovation of our property and doing it as an owner-builder. A friend is the builder and it will be about $100,000 worth of changes, so do have any tips?

Let me give you some simple rules I have learnt over many years of renovation:

  • Make sure you have a contract with your friend.
  • Specify the total job – think through everything from where power points go to what kind of windows you want.
  • Get a quantity surveyor to cost the job and make sure there are no discrepancies between the builder’s price and the QS report.
  • Get an end point dated and discounts if they are late.
  • Someone has to be the project manager, but if there’s a family member or friend with building knowledge, they could be good for objective eyes.
  • Don’t make cups of tea, etc. during work hours.
  • Be wary of jobs done by the hour by various trades but if you do fall into it, make sure you are not paying for lunch and smoko breaks.
  • Get involved in sourcing the products if your builder only quotes for labour time. Be fanatical, business-like and get at least three quotes.
  • Make sure you understand the inspection process and even though your builder runs the job, you run the builder, as you sign the cheques.

I have seen so many projects go pear shape because a professional, cost-conscious approach was swapped for a nice guy, lovey-dovey relationship, which often ends in tears.

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Published on: Wednesday, October 20, 2010

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