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Battling through property

I have recently heard of so-called “battlers” buying lots of houses and I’m wondering how they fund these purchases?

I once came across someone who said he went to Queensland and bought 10 properties on one weekend! When I asked him what he paid, he said $1 million and that they were all positively geared. That means he borrowed the money and the total rent from the properties was greater than his interest repayments. He did this when the real estate market was down, but his homework told him that rents were good. He probably took out landlord insurance, which can give you rent for a time, if your place is without a tenant. It also offers other protection for landlords.

Others buy properties that are negatively geared, where the rent is less than the interest and other landlord costs, so they’re making a ‘loss’ on the deal. However, by using a quantity surveyor or by doing some homework, they find out what ‘on paper’ deductions are available.

These, primarily, are depreciation expenses of many of the fixtures, fittings and inclusions that a landlord has in a rented property. The impact of these deductions can turn a negative cash situation into a positive cash flow via a bigger tax refund.

Things can go wrong – a massive recession, such as the GFC, would bring big unemployment increases – but that could be the only one to really panic about. Though, even in a recession people do have to live somewhere!

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Published on: Thursday, July 22, 2010

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