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Protecting your car and finances with vehicle insurance
Vehicle insurance – it is important you have it right in order to protect yourself and your vehicle in the case of an accident or even theft. All motor vehicle owners in Australia are required to purchase compulsory third... read more >

Looking at income protection insurance
In our busy lives, we often forget, or just plain don’t know, about the importance of insurance to prepare us when the unexpected occurs. An accident or illness can have dire effects on your finances, and that’s no... read more >

Thinking about life insurance
Life insurance can help ensure a family is financially secure should something happen out of the blue. The death of a loved one can bring unforseen pressures to a family. That’s why it’s important to be prepared. As... read more >

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Money tip #10 – insurance

04 January 2012 - Insurance is an often overlooked aspect of financial welfare, but for those with significant assets or wealth to lose... read more >

Are your assets protected by enough insurance?

02 December 2011 - Almost a year on from the devastating floods that ravaged Queensland, MoneySmart, Australian Securities and... read more >

Buyer beware: insurance and investor fraud hit new highs

01 September 2011 - Individuals and companies in insurance or investing best keep an eye out for dodgy money activity if the results of a... read more >

Live a big business-style life

08 July 2011 - I know this may sound whacky, but it’s a problem that we don’t live some part of our lives similar to big... read more >

Why should I take out income protection insurance?

08 April 2011 - I have been advised to take out income insurance but I wonder why I should when I have sick pay and Workers... read more >

What is lenders’ mortgage insurance?

29 March 2011 - I am hunting for a loan and the banks and mortgage brokers I have talked to say I will need mortgage insurance, which... read more >

Protecting your home with home contents insurance

25 March 2011 - How do I go about choosing home contents insurance? And how can I keep the cost of this down? The best way is to... read more >

Getting the right price on insurance

10 December 2010 - I have both life and trauma insurance for myself and my wife, but I am unsure what they cover and what the real... read more >

Is private health insurance a must-buy?

03 November 2010 - We’re a middle-income family with one child and are trying to work out if we really need private health... read more >

Protect yourself with income protection insurance

12 August 2010 - Income protection insurance can assist if you fall victim to an accident or illness that affects your ability to earn... read more >

The importance of vehicle insurance

09 August 2010 - Vehicle insurance is crucial for any private or commercial vehicle in Australia. While insurance can be expensive, if... read more >

The fine print of travel insurance

19 July 2010 - I am going overseas and wonder whether you think travel insurance is a good idea. I have heard a lot of horror... read more >

Insurance explained

13 July 2010 - Insurance protects people and their loved ones in times of need. There are, of course, many types of insurance of... read more >

Insurance – why it’s important

15 February 2010 - Insurance is not something anyone can afford to ignore. You may not be able to predict the future, but you can... read more >

Life insurance and super

29 January 2010 - How important do you think the life insurance component is to the selection of a super fund? I’m switching my... read more >

Q&A - Life insurance and super funds

23 September 2009 - Q. How important is the life insurance component when it comes to the selection of a super fund? I’m switching... read more >

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