5 easy steps to take control of your investments

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5 easy steps to take control of your investments

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By Christine St Anne

Online investing has made it easy for investors to execute trades in a timely manner. Some online platforms today provide the convenience of both online investing and many innovative features such as currency management and accessing high-growth investment themes.  Here are five key feature benefits that investors can take advantage to not only grow their investments but make their portfolio efficient.  

1. A ready-made portfolio in one click

Investors have a huge choice of stocks, managed funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).   Rather than spend time selecting and researching each stock, or fund or ETF, online platforms today can provide a ready-made portfolio of stocks and ETFs that you can execute in one simple single trade.

2. Low cost

Investors are normally charged brokerage fee on each stock traded through traditional broking houses.  Online investing platforms now provide investors the opportunity to buy over 20 equities but investors are only charged for one transaction. 

3. No currency risks

Investing globally comes with currency concerns and risks. Currency movements can impact on investment performance.  It can be difficult for retail investors to minimize these currency risks. Some online platform services can manage these risks internally on behalf of their clients by using strategies such as a contract-for-difference (CFDs).   Investors that use these platforms are not exposed to currency movements because they are executed as a CFD. 

4. Simple and fast execution

Investors can have access to all their investments in one platform. New platforms are now providing innovative technology that also allows investors access to 24-hour services.  More importantly these platforms give investors full-control of their investments, making the portfolios easy to monitor and execute.  Investors also have access to real-time information on the performance of their investments. Investors can also take comfort in knowing that they can trade in highly liquid markets.

5. Capitalize on emerging high-growth themes

Investors now have more opportunities to invest in emerging investment themes such as biotechnology and robotics. Some investing platforms now provide investors with a selection of investment options based on these themes.  These platforms do all the research and select quality businesses that play to that particular investment theme.  All the research groundwork has been done for the investor.  Investors therefore can simply choose the particular theme they want to follow in one easy transaction.

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Published: Thursday, March 03, 2016