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Joe Youssef

As shares continue to fall, is now a good time to buy in? Bell Potter Securities’ Joe Youssef tests market threats – find out why the mining tax is a “storm in a teacup” – to reveal some outstanding buying opportunities in the quality end of town.

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George Boubouras

UBS' George Boubouras on why long-term investors shouldn't throw in the towel for the safety of cash just yet.


Roger Montgomery

When it’s all hitting the fan, who you gonna call? The stock buster, Roger Montgomery, tips the top stocks to endure this market mess.


Paul Rickard

For those fed up with the market volatility, Paul Rickard shares alternatives to stocks.


Rudi Filapek-Vandyck

With markets taking the road less stable, is it smart to go all or nothing into cash? FNArena’s Rudi Filapek-Vandyck explains why volatility shouldn’t distract long-term investors. Plus, is Wayne Swan as Finance Minister of the Year the best of a bad bunch?


Gary Stone

Could a computer program determine the ideal stock portfolio? Share Wealth System’s Gary Stone uses technical analysis to determine which popular stocks are buys and which are sells.


Roger Montgomery

There has been movement on the market and Roger Montgomery passes the word around: which companies continue to make the A1 cut? In an investor must-see, he puts your portfolio staples to the test.


Mark Southwell-Keely

Historically, September is the spookiest month for shares but with August experiencing a rollercoaster of a ride, has the market shaken the jitters out of its system? Select Equities’ Mark Southwell-Keely reveals whether stock markets will bloom or wilt this month.


Stuart Sayers

With the world becoming increasingly digitised, E*Trade's Stuart Sayers reveals how to trade online and why there is growing demand for this e-service.


Garry Holloway

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but could they be an investor’s best friend too? Holloway Diamonds’ Garry Holloway traces the price of the precious stone in recent times.


John Abernethy

Clime’s John Abernethy shares how he’s investing for the year ahead in the wake of the wild swings in the stock market over the past two weeks.


George Boubouras

Have you ever considered how much weight the heavyweight companies such as BHP and Telstra pull on the overall index? UBS’ George Boubouras reveals the heavy-hitting companies on the ASX 200 and how they could affect the way you invest.


Steve Tighe

The art of great investing is to know what industries are hot and which are not. We turn to Chasing Sunrises’ Steve Tighe for the lowdown on what’s on the up on the share market.


John Abernethy

Clime Investment Management's John Abernethy shares how he is investing for the year ahead in the wake of the wild swings in the stock market over the past two weeks.


Michael Hanson-Lawson

We've long heard of the appeal of investing in emerging economies but have you ever considered investing part of your portfolio in Eastern Europe? Michael Hanson-Lawson of East Capital Asia explains explains investing in this part of the world.


Ron Bewley

Woodhall Investment Research’s Ron Bewley has been strongly bullish about shares – but has his faith in the market wavered in recent times?


Max Williamson

With the ups and downs of the markets having an effect on one of our strongest sectors – resources – Max Williamson shares the impact this sell-off will have on the diggers and oilers of investing.


Roger Montgomery

Despite a rollercoaster of a week on the markets, find out why Roger Montgomery’s assessment of local companies remains positive through and through.


Jason Humphris

Investment greats advise that you don’t build wealth in a day, but daily. Event Management International’s Jason Humphris gives behind-the-scenes insights into a not-to-be-missed event for savvy investors: the Trading & Investing Expo.


Roger Montgomery

Roger Montgomery puts the biotech sector under the microscope.


Anton Tagliaferro

Is Telstra a worthy addition to your shares portfolio? Investors Mutual’s Anton Tagliaferro shines the spotlight on the telco giant.


George Boubouras

Which stocks have a bright outlook for the rest of 2011? UBS’ George Boubouras shares his favourite income-yielding stocks.


Roger Montgomery

Roger Montgomery tips winning shares strategies.


Clifford Bennett

As negativity prevails on the markets, Clifford Bennett gives us a dose of optimism.


Alex Dunnin

As SMSFs come under media scrutiny as more trouble than they’re worth, Rainmaker’s Alex Dunnin uncovers the true value of DIY super.


Scott Phillips

BlackRock’s Scott Phillips evaluates separately managed accounts as an alternative to the SMSF option.


Julia Lee

With global economic markets still on shaky legs, Bell Direct’s Julia Lee reveals her favourite 10 stocks to hold onto in uncertain times.


George Boubouras

UBS's George Boubouras tips his top 10 stocks for 2011.


Roger Montgomery

Commit or quit? Value investment expert Roger Montgomery puts ten stocks to the test.


Paul Rickard

As the end of the financial year looms, what are the investment and super strategies you need to know to make the most of your money? Paul Rickard shares the super strategies to take on board as your investments celebrate a happy new year.


Roger Montgomery

Roger Montgomery gives his take on cash flow analysis and how it determines the must-buys of the market.


Christopher Joye

Is our obsession with shares an affection misplaced? Christopher Joye argues whether investors would be better suited to a bigger exposure to bonds. But is he on the money?


Kumar Palghat

Bonds versus shares – which wins out? Former bonds enthusiast Kapstream Capital’s Kumar Palghat reveals where he’s hedging his bets for the rest of 2011.


Steve Tucker

The Federal Government recently announced proposed reforms to the financial planning industry to increase transparency. But will it? MLC's Steve Tucker discusses this major challenge for financial advisers.


Chris Gosselin

Are hedge funds really a sound investment? They felt the heat during the GFC, and now Australian Fund Monitors’ Chris Gosselin reveals how his picks have fared over the last year.


Roger Montgomery

Shares wizard Roger Montgomery reveals how stock market relationships are more medieval than we think – but where do your portfolio picks sit? With the common folk or of royal stock?


Wesley Legrand

May is fast approaching as 2011 slips by – but are your investments also slipping? Are there any stock goldmines left to mine? Today, we turn to Grand Private Equities’ Wesley Legrand to see what’s in store.


Simon Bond

When it comes to Telstra in your portfolio, should you love it or leave it? RBS Morgans’ Simon Bond shares what he makes of the people’s choice stock.


Roger Montgomery

With ASIC looking to change the prospectus provision, Roger Montgomery reveals the criteria for a good prospectus.


Damian Graham and Gareth Hulbert

Macquarie Private Portfolio Management’s Damian Graham and Gareth Hulbert reveal how they are investing at the moment and what stocks they’re hanging onto for the future.


Andrew Bosman

Yesterday saw a good day at the office for investors but how long can it last? And what stocks are best placed? Bell Potter’s Andrew Bosman deciphers the market movements ahead.


Tony Brennan

Tony Brennan, Citigroup’s head of equity market strategy, picks the must-have stocks for your portfolio.


Kate Howitt

Picking stocks in turbulent times is no easy feat – Fidelity International's Kate Howitt shares her investment strategies.


Roger Montgomery

Are small cap stocks the way to go? Independent investment expert Roger Montgomery rates the best small cap stocks on the market.


Bina Brown

Are all blue chips created equal? Media Matters International’s Bina Brown shares whether this investment option is all it’s cracked up to be.


Eddie Grobler

As online shopping cements itself as a firm favourite with savvy shoppers, the nagging doubt of the safety of using your credit card persists. In an exclusive interview, MasterCard's Eddie Grobler uncovers a new plan to make the payment system safer.


Brett Morgan

Customers face a credit card conundrum: how can we steer clear of the fantastic plastic – and the fees that come with it – when the rise in online purchases demands it? ING Direct’s Brett Morgan unwinds the developments in the card market.


Tom Keenan

Is your ETF doing more harm than good? A recent report from the Kauffman Foundation argues ETFs are a greater threat to market stability than high-frequency trading. Don’t miss BlackRock’s Tom Keenan in defence of the ETF.


Glenn Baker

Australians are saving like never before – but is it a good thing? ING Direct's Glenn Baker takes a look at the penny-pinching phenomenon and what's in store for interest rates.


Warren Chant

Is your super in need of a checkup? Warren Chant, director of Chant West, shares what you need to know when it comes to your superannuation.


Ron Bewley

Ron Bewley looks at how we should be investing in the year ahead. Are shares a no-go?


John Campbell

A man who admits to thinking of the value in small caps 24-seven, John Campbell, portfolio manager for UBS Small Companies Fund, looks at how these investments will follow from 2010's performance – will they shoot the lights out again in 2011?


Roger Montgomery

For nervous Nellie investors, independent shares expert Roger Montgomery digs for stocks with the highest margin of safety.


Chris Clark

With the average Australian addicted to their plastic-fantastic credit cards, Chris Clarke, general manager of Visa Australia and New Zealand, shares the ins and outs of card safety and new developments in the sector.


Alex Dunnin

As the finance industry nervously awaits the Federal Government’s decisions on superannuation and the regulation of financial planners, Alex Dunnin, director of research for Rainmaker and 24/7 market-watcher, gives his insights on what lies ahead.


George Boubouras

In a positive market, where should you invest? George Boubouras from UBS Wealth Management picks where the next opportunities lie.


Chris Cuffe

Chris Cuffe is a man who is good – no, great – at his job. He earned a place in Australian financial history thanks to his payout in recognition of his work with Colonial First State. Now, Cuffe shares his views on what’s to come for your investments in 2011.


Martin Rushe

With an extensive career in project financing and venture capital in the technology and energy sectors, Martin Rushe is an expert in the area of renewables. He shares Moss Capital's developments for Australia's first solar fund.


Roger Montgomery

Independent investment expert Roger Montgomery reveals how his A1-quality rating portfolio actually performed – which stocks were his winners?


David Breen

A financial wellbeing survey suggests Aussies are ready to leave their home lenders. Almost one in two are unhappy with their mortgage but don’t leave because of high exit fees and time-consuming paperwork. ING Direct’s David Breen discusses the findings.


Alex Dunnin

With the growing risk of Aussies outliving their super, choosing the right super fund is a must-do. But how do you know if yours is good or a dud? Alex Dunnin from Rainmaker Group reveals how you can safeguard your retirement.


Art Cashin

From the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, Peter Switzer speaks with legendary trader UBS’s Art Cashin. He reveals where he thinks stock prices are headed for the year to come.


John Abernethy

Looking for portfolio picks from the top end of town? Today, market veteran and Clime’s chief investment officer John Abernethy shares his investment outlook and stock tips.


Roger Montgomery

Independent investment expert Roger Montgomery puts the spotlight on Ten Network to uncover the real value of Packer’s latest stake.


George Boubouras

We turn to UBS’s George Boubouras for his take on how we should be investing on the local front.


Roger Montgomery and Simon Bond

We turn to Switzer regulars independent investment expert Roger Montgomery and shares expert Simon Bond for their take on the QR IPO and other stocks to watch.


Geoff Wilson

Investment expert Wilson Asset Management’s Geoff Wilson has long expressed doubt over the strength of the market. Don’t miss his take on the current rally and what’s in store for your investments.


Scott Bennett

What’s in store for investors come Christmas? Find out with Russell Investments’ Scott Bennett.


Warren Chant

We check in on the superannuation industry with the man in the know – Chant West’s Warren Chant. How’s your fund performing?


Simon Bond

As the Aussie dollar continues to rise, Switzer regular and shares expert Simon Bond reveals which stocks and sectors stand to gain.


Paul Fiani

Meet the man considered one of the best fund managers in the country – Integrity Investment Management’s Paul Fiani. Don't miss as he reveals where he’s investing right now.


Roger Montgomery – top stock picks: Part 2

Independent investment expert Roger Montgomery reveals his top stock picks for your portfolio using his unique valuation technique.


Roger Montgomery – top stock picks: Part 1

Independent investment expert Roger Montgomery’s reveals his top stock picks for your portfolio using his unique valuation technique.


Ron Bewley

Woodhall Investment Research’s Ron Bewley reveals why in investing, like in war, the exit strategy is as important as entry. We speak with Bewley to reveal the science behind constructing the perfect portfolio.


Roger Montgomery

Today, independent investment expert Roger Montgomery’s reveals his top stock picks for your portfolio using his unique valuation technique.


Roger Montgomery

Independent investment expert Roger Montgomery shares investment strategies for self-managed super funds. He reveals his top 10 picks for your portfolio.


Angus Geddes

Fat Prophets’ Angus Geddes shares his top 10 stocks.


Simon Bond

Stocks on a surge! Reporting season is officially over – for a full post-mortem, we turn to Switzer regular and shares expert Simon Bond.


Ron Bewley and Clifford Bennett

With the stock market locked in yoyo mode, how scared should investors be? Switzer pits Woodhall Investment Research’s Ron Bewley against Herston Economics’ Clifford Bennett.


Roger Montgomery

Independent investment expert and Switzer regular Roger Montgomery tips his top 10 value-for-money stocks.


Simon Bond

Switzer regular and shares expert Simon Bond names the stocks he loves to love.


Nick Farr-Jones and Mohendra Moodley

Rugby great and industry stalwart Nick Farr-Jones tackles the resource sector with colleague and director of Taurus Funds Management Mohendra Moodley.


Paul Rickard

The financial planning industry is set for a major overhaul if Labor regains power on 21 August. But the Opposition also have their plans for the sector. Find out what’s to come for financial planners and their clients with Lumus Financial Services’ Paul Rickard.


Roger Montgomery

Independent investment expert Roger Montgomery reveals his portfolio picks – the stocks to keep and the stocks you should cut.


Ron Bewley

To make sense of the latest moves in the markets, today we turn to Woodhall Investment Research’s Ron Bewley as he reveals the good news for investors.


Suzanne Salter

Suzanne Salter, head of structured investment at the Commonwealth Bank, explains how structured investments could safeguard your assets during times of volatility.


Joe Youssef

As shares continue to fall, is now a good time to buy in? Bell Potter Securities’ Joe Youssef tests market threats – find out why the mining tax is a “storm in a teacup” – to reveal some outstanding buying opportunities in the quality end of town.


Roger Montgomery

Plus, have you ever wondered how the experts figure out what a share price should be and predict what it might be? Investment expert Roger Montgomery reveals the companies he thinks are the best value for money right now.


Mark Rider

Yesterday, the local market resumed its recovery – but week is far from over. Today, UBS equities strategist Mark Rider uncovers what investors can expect and reveals his top picks for your portfolio.


Charlie Aitken

The local market bounced back again yesterday, but uncertainty remains as investors look at what’s to come on the international arena. To help make sense of the current market madness, Switzer catches up with Southern Cross Equities’ Charlie Aitken.


Michael Knox

Fiscal stimulus – is it a help or a hindrance? Don’t miss RBS Morgans’ Michael Knox and his take on the recovery position.


Justin O'Brien

The market rollercoaster continues – find out what’s driving it with Morgan Stanley Smith Barney’s Justin O’Brien.


Chris Cuffe

Meet the man who is taking corporate social responsibility to a whole new level – Third Link Investment Managers’ Chris Cuffe. He reveals how to see real change for your dollar in a tough environment.


Alex Dunnin

Alex Dunnin, director of research at Rainmaker, puts the spotlight on how well superannuation is performing, and what lies ahead for the financial service industry.


Phil Ruthven

Will the stock market spike by a staggering 45 per cent in a single year? Find out why IBISWorld’s Phil Ruthven tips such a hike.


Kumar Palghat

With bond yields falling in the US, is deflation just around the corner? Kapstream Capital’s Kumar Palghat looks at what’s in store for investors.


John Campbell

To convince us of the value of small cap stocks – great Aussie companies that don’t carry the blue chip tag but are good quality businesses all the same – UBS Global Asset Management’s John Campbell uncovers his portfolio picks.


Christopher Zinn

Financial planning do’s and don’ts with CHOICE’s Christopher Zinn.


Ross Barker

The local share market appears to be stuck in a holding pattern, leaving a growing number of investors frustrated. Patience, though, is a virtue, as Australian Foundation Investment Company’s Ross Barker proves with some long-term portfolio staples.


Bruce Jacques and Max Williamson

Is now the time to cut your losses when it comes to your coal stocks? IHS McCloskey’s Bruce Jacques and independent tax consultant Max Williamson uncover the threats to miners.


Roger Montgomery

What are the dog stocks of the day? Independent investment expert Roget Montgomery reveals the companies you should keep well clear of, and busts the blue chip myth to reveal your portfolio pick’s true values.


Geoff Wilson

Wilson Asset Management’s Geoff Wilson puts the spotlight on stimulatory settings States-side. Are they enough to save the US economy – and your investments – from a double dip?


George Vassos

Current economic and market conditions are certainly making investing a challenge. To uncover strategies for tough times, we speak to Omega Global Investors’ George Vassos. How do bonds fit in with your portfolio picks?


Mike Hawkins

Mike Hawkins from stock broking firm Evans and Partners gives his take on the global recovery as well as his stock picks.


George Boubouras

The US strong reporting season has given the share market a boost. What’s in store for your investments? We turn to one of the big guns in the world of wealth management – UBS Wealth Management investment strategist George Boubouras – to find out.


Lance Lai

Switzer regular Lance Lai puts the spotlight on the charts tracking the market to reveal where the risk is. The good news? Lai says there’s nowhere to go but up.


Simon Shields

Aussies shares have taken a battering since April – but where to from here? Today, UBS’s Australian equities chief Simon Shields reveals where the local market is headed and puts the spotlight on stocks he picks as good value.


Simon Bond

As the reverberations from the news out of Canberra continue, shares expert and Switzer regular Simon Bond puts the spotlight on the stocks sensitive to leadership change.


Lisa Claes

ING Direct executive director of mortgages, Lisa Claes uncovers where the property market is headed.


Matthew Kidman

Has the correction on the market caught you out? Today, we speak to the man who saw it coming – Wilson Asset Management’s Matthew Kidman. Find out where he tips the market is headed to from here.


Dr John Hewson

A double-dip? Dr John Hewson, leading economist and former Federal Opposition leader, says it’s a question of when, not if, for Europe and the US. But what does this spell for the home front? Hewson tips the Australian charts could break 4000 – find out why.


Roger Montgomery

When it comes to investment strategies, plenty of people swear by P/E ratios, but is this the best approach to take? According to independent investment expert Roger Montgomery, it’s a tack verging on nonsense.


Steve Tucker

Amid the ACCC’s concerns that the big banks are too big in the wealth management industry, NAB is looking to up its market share from eight to 15 per cent with its MLC – AXA Asia Pacific move. But what does this mean for the market? MLC CEO Steve Tucker explains.


Simon Bond

Shares expert and Switzer regular Simon Bond puts the spotlight on the government’s resource super profits tax – what does it mean for your investments?


Martin Lakos

Martin Lakos from Macquarie Private Wealth uncovers the forces shaping the markets.


David Bassanese

Could interest rates really hit nine per cent? Economic analyst and Australian Financial Review regular David Bassanese thinks so – find out why.


Roger Montgomery

Calculating cash flow – how to value stocks with independent investment expert Roger Montgomery. Plus, find out why he’s steering clear of the market… for the meanwhile.


David Cassidy

Despite the Goldman Sachs hiccup, the Aussie market is still firmly in recovery mode. Today, UBS equity strategist David Cassidy tips his top stocks and the sectors worth keeping an eye on.


David Jones-Prichard

You insure your business and your property, but what about your investments? J.P. Morgan’s David Jones-Prichard explains equity linked structured products – in plain English.


Simon Bond and Deloitte tax partner David Pring

With the mining sector set to foot the bill to the tune of $10 billion a year under the Henry Review, Switzer regular Simon Bond and Deloitte tax partner David Pring uncover what this means for your share portfolio.


Paul Rickard and Deloitte’s Mark Wilkinson

What will the Review’s big ticket items mean for your hip pocket? CommSec founder Paul Rickard and Deloitte’s Mark Wilkinson put the spotlight on changes to super.


Warren Chant

Have financial planners been milking your super? Or have they been building your nest egg? ChantWest’s Warren Chant weighs in on the crackdown on financial commissions to reveal what the new legislation means for your super.


Chris Gosselin

The crackdown on commissions in the financial planning industry continues – but how will it affect you? Australian Fund Monitors’ Chris Gosselin explains all – in plain English.


Simon Bond and Deloitte tax partner David Pring

With the mining sector set to foot the bill to the tune of $10 billion a year under the Henry Review, Switzer regular Simon Bond and Deloitte tax partner David Pring uncover what this means for your share portfolio.


Roger Montgomery

Right now, there’s no sector hotter than coal. With take-over target Macarthur Coal never far from the headlines, independent investment expert Roger Montgomery’s uncovers the true value of coal stocks.


Lance Lai

Lance Lai turns to the charts to see how the markets – and your investments – are really tracking.


Geoffrey Wilson

Geoffrey Wilson from Wilson Asset Management joins Switzer TV.


Gary Stone

In the world of market investing, everyone’s always looking for the right stocks to buy – but what about the right stocks to sell? Share Wealth Systems’ technical analyst Gary Stone shares strategies to slim down your portfolio and boost your bottom line.


Jeff Bresnahan

SuperRatings’ Jeff Bresnahan shows you how to work out if your super fund is a dud.


Simon Shields

UBS’s chief of Australian equities reveals his top stock picks.


Simon Bond

We hear plenty about the big-name resource companies, but what about the smaller end of the sector? Shares expert and Switzer regular Simon Bond shares his stock picks.


Chris Caton

BT Financial Group’s chief economist Dr Chris Caton reveals how the recovery is really tracking and exposes the myth surrounding Australia’s public debt crisis.


Roger Montgomery

If you’re looking to boost your portfolio, don’t miss independent investment expert and Switzer regular Roger Montgomery’s top five stock picks.


Gareth Abley

As recent figures reveal superannuation funds with high allocations to unlisted assets outperformed during the recent bear market, MLC’s Gareth Abley takes a hard look at the valuations of these competing assets.


Lance Lai

What’s the outlook for gold and where is the market headed? We look at the charts with Lance Lai from ACE Capital Trust.


Tony Sage

As Cape Lambert sells its Lady Annie mine to China Sci-Tech holdings for a cool $135 million, how does this bode for the sector?


Roger Montgomery

Today, it’s time to ring the bell for stock valuation school. Today’s lesson is Telstra – Roger Montgomery chalks up its true value on the board.


Stephen Bartrop

As Australia rides the resources wave, big names Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton prove firm favourites with investors. But what are the other players in the resources sector worth watching?


Simon Bond

As politicians preach the perils of Australia’s aging population, savvy investors are looking to capitalise on the baby boomer’s golden years. Find out how Switzer regular Simon Bond pulled together a portfolio doing just that – and now, it’s up around 166 per cent!


Rod North

As our financial markets tick into the recovery phase, what time is it on the investment clock? Find out with Bourse Communicationsâ