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Bob Ansett

Business legend Bob Ansett – the man who built rental car giant Budget in Australia – reveals three sure-fire steps to grow your business.

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Sheryle Moon

Sheryle Moon, chief executive of the Australian Institute of Project Management, gives her insights on the challenges for project management in a country where productivity is waning.


Gerard McDermott

Could your business be at risk of a disaster with the potential to turn profitable operations into gut-wrenching losses? GIO Distributions’ Gerard McDermott shares how you can safeguard your business from natural and man-made risks.


Kym Illman

Are you missing opportunities to plug your product for free? Kym Illman from Messages on Hold reveals how your business can harness a powerful marketing method – ambush marketing.


Domenic Carosa

Shape up or ship out? Future Capital’s Domenic Carosa says the same forces that revolutionised the music industry threaten the retail sector today. How can retail ditch the traditional old-world economy for the new?


David Gallop

Ahead of the fierce competition in State of Origin’s Game II next week, is there an even fiercer play behind the scenes? The pressure's on for David Gallop, boss of the National Rugby League – can they match the AFL’s mammoth $1.25 billion broadcast rights?


Brett Butcher

While local tourism sector is battling the headwinds of a high Aussie dollar, one leading hotel chain is looking to add another property to its Australian stable. Brett Butcher, CEO of the prestigious Langham Hospitality Group, details his search for a new hotel in Sydney.


Greg Quinn

EAC Partners’ Greg Quinn reveals what's happening in the world of M&A at the moment.


Joseph Law

Joseph Law, CEO of Living Greatness, explains the unusual business of selling a more authentic, enlightened life.


James Lohan

Are you dreaming of a holiday? Mr & Mrs Smith Boutique Hotels’ James Lohan, one of the world’s leading boutique hotel experts, has seen it all – and wants you to see it too.


Melinda O'Rourke

With retailers doing it tough, MO Luxury’s Melinda O’Rourke shares how retailers can survive tough times, with her strategies from the big-end of town.


Sue Daubney

What impact will the carbon tax impact have on small business? Today, Sue Daubney of the multi-award-winning Bannister Downs Dairy gives her take on how the Government’s carbon crunch will affect smaller players.


John Trowbridge

Is Australia's insurance platform falling short? John Trowbridge of the Natural Disaster Insurance Review details how he’s leading the charge to protect the country from Mother Nature’s destruction.


Lee White

Should we be skeptical of the professional appearance of Australia’s well-known companies? The Institute of Chartered Accountants’ Lee White discusses whether audit committees are an effective means to keep big business in line.


Kris Gale

A big, fat government grant for your business’ R&D initiatives might be on your wishlist but how can you make it a reality? Michael Johnson Associates’ Kris Gale reveals what new R&D incentives spell for innovative Australian SMEs.


Phil Grove and Brett Macdonald

1 July might mark a new start in the book stakes, but what about on the beverage front? Phil Grove and Brett Macdonald, founders of Dry July, explain how you could give up the booze for a good cause.


Ian Corfield

Bankwest Business’ Ian Corfield reveals how the small business sector is battling on against the odds.


Peter Strong

Peter Strong, chief executive of the Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia, shares how his members’ businesses are coping in a tough environment.


Peter Pagonis & Elise Elliott

Just how are family fortunes made? More importantly, how are they managed? Deloitte’s Peter Pagonis and Elise Elliott uncover the ins-and-outs of setting up a family office.


John Casella

Casella Wines emerged out of the blue a number of years ago when its [yellow tail] wine became the toast of the US. Recently called one of the most powerful Australian wine brands in the world, managing director John Casella tells the [yellow tail] tale.


Arne Knaben

As the likes of Cate Blanchett and Michael Caton back the proposed carbon tax, we turn to the businesses on the frontline to uncover how it will affect them. Arne Knaben, CEO of Volvo Group Australia, reveals they are doing in anticipation of a carbon tax.


John Allan, Peter Maloney & Marc Altshuler

TrueLocal’s John Allan, Beauty Mate’s Peter Maloney & Oxford Art Supplies’ Marc Altshuler share their strategy to ease the retail squeeze.


Gabby Leibovich

It’s a good day when James Packers’ Consolidated Press Holdings pours $80 million into your business – this was the case for Gabby Leibovich’s e-commerce group CatchOfTheDay, which went from fledgling start-up to online steal in under five years.


Martin Grunstein

Consumer cautiousness, online shopping and the Aussie dollar on steroids have created a hostile retail environment. Today, Martin Grunstein reveals the key to turning the challenge into an opportunity to excel.


Mike O'Hagan

Mini Movers’ founder Mike O’Hagan has thrown out the business manual – he shares why he thinks outside executives can’t replace the know-how of entrepreneurial founders.


John Lees

How can you up your sales? And what’s your best defense against interest rate turmoil, a high Aussie dollar and the rush to online-only shopping? We turn to sales and marketing expert John Lees for his tips.


Matt Comyn

If the politicians are to be believed, we’re in for a ‘tough’ budget. But does the small business sector have the constitution to stomach it? Today, we turn to the Commonwealth Bank’s Matt Comyn to take the pulse and deliver the prognosis.


Ned Montarello

Ned Montarello came up with a classic entrepreneurial outside-the-square idea of providing small business owners with affordable access to new computers, machines and office equipment. He discusses his business, ThinkSmart.


Rob de Castella

Australia’s marathon man, Rob de Castella, is now running a different course helping Indigenous Australians reach for gold in their lives in his role as managing director of SmartStart.


Professor Alec Cameron

Are business leaders and entrepreneurs made or born? Professor Alec Cameron, Dean of the Australian School of Business at UNSW, delves into the age-old debate; nature versus nurture?


Denise Goldsworthy

Meet the Telstra Business Woman of the Year. Denise Goldsworthy began her career at a blast furnace and is now managing director for two of Rio Tinto’s most successful subsidiaries. How did Goldsworthy go from the coalface to face of the coal industry?


Aaron Begley

We talk with the CEO of a Roger Montgomery A1-rated company – Matrix Composites and Engineering’s Aaron Begley. Find out why this company cuts Montgomery’s mustard.


Kris Lloyd

Love the finer things in life? Master cheesemakers since 1994, Woodside Cheese Wrights is putting culture into the cheese-making business. Manager and head cheesemaker Kris Lloyd discusses the business.


Matthew Garry

The fitness industry has been on a rising trend for some time. Matthew Garry from Lifecycle Fitness has seen it all and has put his polish on one of the world's formidable entrepreneurs and media moguls Rupert Murdoch. He shares his fit and fighting success story.


Senator Nick Sherry

It’s undeniable that Aussie businesses are feeling the pinch. So, what is the government planning to do to help small business? Senator Nick Sherry, Minister for Small Business, uncovers what’s ahead for business owners.


Keith Skinner

According to a Deloitte survey of chief financial officers, two-thirds of Australian CFOs are expecting a slow recovery over the next two years. Deloitte’s chief operating officer Keith Skinner looks at the reasoning behind the results.


Professor Bob Carter

With global warming a matter of international discussion, Professor Bob Carter, author of Climate: The Counter-Consensus, brings a new perspective.


Samantha Wills

An Aussie making it big in the Big Apple is Samantha Wills – she started her jewellery business when she was just 21, and today reveals how to turn heads, and a profit, in the fashion industry.


Jost Stollmann

Tyro Payments, the first new entrant into the EFTPOS business in over 15 years, has already managed to grab the BRW title of the fourth fastest growing business in Australia. But can CEO Jost Stollmann’s David win out over the Goliaths of the banking sector?


Leanne Preston

Not many people can claim that a case of head lice changed their world for the better – Leanne Preston of Wild Child has created a global pharmaceuticals company after creating a treatment to battle the nuisance.


Nathan Dale

At just 23, Intact Group’s Nathan Dale started his commercial property business. How has he managed to steer the company through tough waters, taking out a stack of big-name honours in the process?


Karin Adcock

Looking to turn on the business charm? To find out how, we turn to the expert – Danish-born entrepreneur Karin Adcock started her popular jewellery business Pandora in her garage and now has 280 staff and 34 branded concept stores.


John Frost

The show must go on! Leading Australian producer John Frost takes us inside the theatre industry – blockbuster musicals, national tours and big name stars – and how it all makes money.


Dion Appel

Dion Appel, CEO of youth marketing agency Lifelounge, is a man who knows the youth market backwards. He shares how you can connect with the elusive Gen Y market.


Tony Abrahams and John Martin

Tony Abrahams and John Martin tapped into a large market when he started his captioning service business Access Innovation Media. They share how to find a business niche.


Paul Smith

Repucom’s Paul Smith has built an international brand analysis and research agency valuing the sponsorship of broadcast sports events. But how did he do it? Smith shares his secrets for business success.


Luke Fryer

Luke Fryer – the man who brought noodle joint Wagamama to Australia – now has his sights set on the Big Apple. Don’t miss this candid interview as Fryer shares the secrets behind his success.


Nick Hatsatouris

Meet the restaurateur advancing Australian fare – Nick Hatsatouris. He’s had a hand in Ruby’s and the infamous Kingswood – find out what he’s set to plate up next.


Jeremy Heimans

As the WikiLeaks saga makes headlines, we turn to another political pot-stirrer – Jeremy Heimans. On the streets of NYC, Peter Switzer catches up with Heimans – co-founder of GetUp! and Purpose.com – to find out how he’s making a business and a difference.


David Droga

Meet the man who made New Yorkers pay for tap water – advertising guru, Droga5's David Droga. From New York City, and heading up the agency voted world’s best, he uncovers the secrets to his success.


Nicola Scheepers and John Lee

Is going green the next big thing? Griffith Hack's Nicola Scheepers and John Lee discuss green trade marks and the rise of greenwashing.


Darren De Bortoli

We uncover the story behind one of Australia’s winemakers – De Bortoli Wines. Today, Darren De Bortoli shares the story behind the label’s success.


Jonathan Barouch and Jack Singleton

Armed with $2000, entrepreneur Jonathan Barouch started Fastflowers, before selling it to rival Jack Singleton’s 1300 Flowers. So what made this business so attractive?


Shannon Lush

Household guru Shannon Lush turned her encyclopedic knowledge of stain-fighting formulas into a career as a best selling author. Find out her business story and how to eliminate wine stains and more.


Gary Gill and Darryl Swindells

KPMG’s Gary Gill and HLB Mann Judd’s forensic accounting expert Darryl Swindells discuss how vulnerable Aussie companies are to criminality.


Dr Robert Kaplan and Matt Tice

Creator of the Balanced Scorecard, a system used by many of the Fortune 500 companies, Dr Robert Kaplan and Palladium colleague Matt Tice reveal tips to up business worth.


Chris Cormack

Meet the country’s most powerful consumer – the 58-year-old woman. The over-50s are Australia’s fastest growing consumer segment – Senioragency’s Chris Cormack uncovers how you can cash in on this demographic.


Rob Carlton

Meet funny man Rob Carlton as the Australian film and television industry veteran takes us behind the scenes of Chandon Pictures. And don’t miss the actor’s take on parenting that saw him take out Tropfest in 2006.


Ros and John Moriarty

Meet the couple who painted two Qantas 747s with Aboriginal motifs – the Jumbana Group’s Ros and John Moriarty. Find out how they turned a dream into country’s leading indigenous design and strategy company.


Symon Brewis-Weston

Are there better times ahead for business? The Commonwealth Bank’s Symon Brewis-Weston turns to their Business Sales Indicator to uncover what’s in store for your business.


Matt Parry

Research shows 80 per cent of telco bills contain incorrect charges. Stratatel’s Matt Parry is cracking down on corporate costs – find out how you can save your bottom line.


John O'Neill

We uncover the fight for corporate dollars with Australian Rugby Union boss John O’Neill.


Internode’s Pat Tapper

Meet the CEO of a telco that’s taking on the big boys. Don’t miss Internode’s Patrick Tapper and his take on the NBN.


Suzanne Daubney

From Bannister Downs Farm to the world – find out how a Western Australian Dairy farm is tackling the export market. Managing director and dairy queen Suzanne Daubney reveals the secrets behind her success.


Dena Blackman and Danielle Robertson

Mother/daughter team, Dena Blackman and Danielle Robertson, discuss their family health care business, Dial an Angel, and put the spotlight on the state of the industry.


Bob Ansett

Business legend Bob Ansett – the man who built rental car giant Budget in Australia – reveals three sure-fire steps to grow your business.


Tim Leviny

From Shanghai’s World Expo, Elders’ Tim Leviny uncovers the business opportunities in China while promoting Australian produce.


David Lehmann

The business behind the Australia Pavilion at Shanghai’s World Expo – Bovis Lend Lease’s David Lehmann reveals how a Melbourne architect, consultants from Hong Kong and a client in Canberra managed such a feat.


Michael Blomfield

How to do business in China. Michael Blomfield – former head of local business banking at the Commonwealth Bank turned independent banking advisor – reports from Shanghai.


Chris Wright

News from the Expo in Shanghai – Austrade’s Chris Wright uncovers what it means for your business and investments.


Storage King

How franchising can take your business from good to great. Switzer reveals the story behind the success of Storage King – how Michael Tate and David Scanlen turned $40,000 into the largest self-storage operation in Australasia.


Anthony Puharich

Meet the man behind Vic’s Meats – find out how he carved himself a place at the top of Australia’s premium meat business.


Janine Allis

Janine Allis’s Boost Juice is now 250 stores-strong in 14 countries – but how did she do all this in less than a decade?


Andrew Reitzer

Retailing in Australia has traditionally been a game for the big players, but what does it mean when the smaller players start to gain traction?


Dr Chris Roberts

Cochlear has proved a solid performer on the market – but where to from here? Find out as CEO and President Dr Chris Roberts joins Peter Switzer on Switzer TV.


Symon Brewis-Weston

Many at the top end of town say business confidence is on the up – but what’s the real sentiment at the grassroots level? Find out how the smaller players are recovering from the recent crunch.


Neil Perry

Meet the man who has carved quite the career. Today, Neil Perry – restaurateur, entrepreneur and an internationally renowned brand – shares his recipe for turning a culinary vision into a big time business success story.


Robert Wulff

We uncover everything you need to know about patent protection with Griffith Hack’s Robert Wulff.


Ned Montarello

Looking to grow your business, but not sure how? From a small WA-based business to a listed company catering to an international market, Ned Montarello’s ThinkSmart proves to be the textbook guide to growth.


Dr Simon Longstaff

We’ve considered the executive pay debate from a number of angles – but where do ethics fit in with the fat cats? Where should the moral compass of corporations sit? To find out, Switzer speaks to St James Ethics Centre’s Dr Simon Longstaff.


Mark Elliot - Hot Rocks

One of the latest trends in power generation is geothermal power. Today, Switzer speaks with Hot Rocks’ Mark Elliot. Watch it now on Switzer TV.


Tensie Whelan and Nabi Saleh

Switzer speaks with Nabi Saleh of franchise mega business Gloria Jean’s Coffees and the Rainforest Alliance’s Tensie Whelan about the upside of going green.


Alan Eskander

There may be big money in the business of betting, but like any line of work, bookmakers need to respond to any hurdles that might be in their way. Learn how to overcome the odds with Betstar’s Alan Eskander.


Robbie Sefton

How can you extend your reach and reduce your costs? To find out, Peter Switzer speaks with Robbie Sefton, a country girl who conquered the tyranny of distance to bring messages from the big smoke to the bush.


Brook Ramage

Brook Ramage, founder of leading spa and health retreat The Golden Door shares how to keep your body – and your business – performing at its peak.


Josephine Ridge - Sydney Festival

Today, Switzer catches up with the Sydney Festival’s Josephine Ridge for a sneak peak behind the scenes.


Bruce Jacques

The coal sector survived the GFC relatively unscathed, but will Copenhagen prove its undoing? And, what’s the real cost of clean coal? Switzer catches up with Bruce Jacques, director of coal consultancy IHS McCloskey.


Mark Garwood

From humble beginnings at Sydney’s Parklea Markets to a national multi-brand chain, Fantastic Holdings has seen many ups and downs. Mark Garwood proves it’s not the winds of change, but how you set your sail.


Don Watson

If you struggle to decipher Rudd-speak and are at a loss understanding the initialisms that fly thick and fast in boardrooms across the nation, take heart. Wordsmith Don Watson has turned his weapon, the pen, on the world of modern management.


Peter Irvine and Tony Gattari

Gloria Jean’s founder and advertising veteran Peter Irvine and retail great Tony Gattari share their secrets help you master your marketing.


Joe Kaleb

Salary sacrificers beware – you could be getting slugged without realising it. Tax expert Joe Kaleb uncovers the traps with salary sacrificing into super.


Topo Rodriguez

From the field to the world of philanthropy, rugby legend Enrique ‘Topo’ Rodriguez has made his mark.


Michelle McDowell

The transport industry is a tough one. So, how can an Aussie transport company compete with huge multinationals with deep pockets? Allied Express’s Michelle McDowell shares her secrets for success.


Troy Hazard

Too busy being busy? Learn how to slow down and build your business strategically as the naked entrepreneur, Troy Hazard, shows you how to make the most of a downturn.


Mike O'Hagan - Mini Movers founder

Find out how a bloke with nothing bar $200 and a ute built a multi-million dollar national business. Meet Mike O’Hagan – the brains behind the brawn of MiniMovers.


Alex Malley - CEO, CPA Australia

Alex Malley, the recently appointed CEO of CPA Australia joins Peter Switzer to discuss a range of issues including the Henry Tax Review and the outlook for interest rates.


Ronni Kahn - Oz Harvest

Founder of Oz Harvest, Ronni Kahn, is an Australian success story of the most admirable kind. Oz Harvest is a non-denominational charity that rescues excess food which would otherwise be discarded. Watch Ronni discuss the Oz Harvest story with Peter Switzer.


Sarina Russo

From Sarina Russo – often-sacked legal secretary – to Sarina Russo of an eponymous international organisation, Russo is, and has been for the last 30 years, one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs. Now, she shares the secrets of her success with Peter Switzer. Watch it now.


Michael Smith

Last year, more than nine million of the devices were sold in Australia with reports kids as young as six having phones. So what’s the next in the booming telco industry? To find out what the future looks like, Peter Switzer caught up with Michael Smith, managing director of Optus’s consumer division. Watch it now on Switzer TV.


Andy Pontin

There’s mounting evidence that those businesses that keep marketing through the tough times will fare the best when things start to pick up. Peter Switzer caught up Clemenger’s MD and long-time adman, Andy Pontin, to find out why slashed ad budgets may hamper business survival. Watch it now on Switzer TV.


Symon Brewis-Weston

The tide on business confidence has been turning in recent months with sentiment improving as the broader economy stabilises. And with this buoyancy comes chatter about interest rate hikes rather than cuts. So what does this all mean for small businesses? To find out, Peter Switzer caught up with Symon Brewis-Weston, executive general manager of local business banking at the Commonwealth Bank.


Matt Church

Balance, for many, is an elusive concept – work-life balance is a thing relegated to the glossy pages of lifestyle magazines you don’t have time to read as you man the action stations all day, every day. Balancing your body chemistry is the key to avoiding a burnout. Work-life balance expert Matt Church shows you how to master your body chemistry to ensure maximum business performance. Watch it now on Switzer TV.


Tim Pethick

Having a strong brand is crucial to any business. Brand guru and serial entrepreneur Tim Pethick, who was behind the launch of fruit juice company nudie joins Peter Switzer to discuss how he successfully built up his brand and give tips on how to market your business and/or personal brand..


Julia Ross

Her name is synonymous with the recruitment business on home soil and abroad – Julia Ross. A veteran of the industry, Ross has lived through its ups and downs. Today, Peter Switzer catches Ross as she shares her trade secrets to survive – and thrive – in tough times. Watch it now on Switzer TV.


Luke Mangan

Luke Mangan has built his business and brand to become one of the Australia’s finest culinary entrepreneurs. His restaurants span three continents, he does consultancy work and has cook books, product lines and TV gigs. Mangan joins Peter Switzer to discuss the ingredients of his success.


Tim Olsen

Tim Olsen, the son of one of Australia’s most respected artists, is making his mark in the world of business. Exhibiting some of the country’s finest talents, the Tim Olsen Gallery aims to drive profits by cutting out the middleman. Peter Switzer caught up with Olsen to get the details on the government’s new tax breaks for SMEs to buy into the art world.


Jack Daly

US sales guru Jack Daly has cemented a great reputation by helping businesses sharpen their selling points, and is a big hit on the US speaking circuit. For more than two decades, he’s been walking the talk – from leading global sales forces to building businesses from the ground up. And when this guy speaks, entrepreneurs hang on to every word.


Jack Singleton - Phone Names

Jack Singleton discusses the world of ad agencies, the internet and his new business - Phone Names.


Nabi Saleh - Gloria Jean's Coffees

Nabi Saleh is the co-owner of Gloria Jean's Coffees, a global brand represented in 38 markets and 37 countries with 489 stores in Australia alone. Nabi has over 30 years experience in the tea and coffee industry, and explains the secrets to this outstanding Australian success story.


Siimon Reynolds

Renowned Aussie entrepreneur and adman Siimon Reynolds, the brains behind the Grim reaper Aids campaign, has won international awards, written books and burnt a trail on the speaking circuit … but how has he coped with the downturn? “Advertising is normally the first thing that gets cut when there’s a market correction, when things get a bit tough,” says Reynolds. Watch where he thinks this industry is headed.


Don Magin

David may have defeated Goliath, but can smaller non-bank lenders take on the Big Four? After all, what does a humble building society have that the Big Four don’t? For Don Magin, CEO of Greater Building Society, the answer was US sitcom star, Jerry Seinfeld. Well, that and a 97 per cent customer satisfaction level.