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Rob Mellor and Lisa Montgomery

16 March 2010

Are interest rates and the withdrawal of government assistance taking a toll on investors? BIS Shrapnel’s Rob Mellor and Resi Mortgage’s Lisa Montgomery discuss.

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John McGrath

Where does our property expert sit on the debate over whether Australia ails from a property bubble set to burst? John McGrath shares his thoughts on the Wall Street Journal’s claims.


Alan Langford

How is Australia dealing with a two-speed economy? Bankwest chief economist Alan Langford shares what he is seeing in his home state and abroad.


Greg McAweeney

How much will an empty nest cost you? Research reveals 1 in 5 baby boomer parents expect to fork out towards their Gen Y children's first homes. RaboDirect’s Greg McAweeney examines the implication of this inter-generational conflict.


Mark Bouris

Mortgage industry legend Mark Bouris on interest rates.


Michael Matusik

With real estate price decline in all capital cities, what affect will yesterday’s rates decision have on your bricks-and-mortar investments? Matusik Property Insights’ Michael Matusik shares his outlook on the property sector.


Dr Frank Gelber

Once seen as the safe haven investment choice, the housing sector has been battered by rising interest rates and conservative consumers in recent times. BIS Shrapnel’s Dr Frank Gelber injects some good sense into property market analysis.


Damian Smith

To fix or not to fix? With the Reserve Bank likely to hold on interest rates until the next round of inflation data, Damian Smith, CEO of RateCity, puts this hefty hip pocket question into focus.


Ellie Comerford & Alan Shields

Genworth’s Ellie Comerford and RFi’s Alan Shields reveal the biggest challenges for homebuyers. What do those in the property game – or those thinking of making a play – need to keep top of mind?


James Hickey & Kevin Conlon

More than 40,000 Australians are living off the equity in their houses, with the reverse mortgage market in excess of $3 billion. Deloitte’s James Hickey and SEQUAL’s Kevin Conlon discuss.


John McGrath

With the latest figures suggesting a split decision on the trajectory for real estate prices, is property destined to head up or down? Don’t miss John McGrath’s market analysis, as well as his top property picks.


John Edwards

Housing bubble debate: John Edwards, Residex CEO, says there’s no threat of a housing bubble in Australia, and gives his view on the state of the sector.


Steve Keen

Housing bubble debate: Professor Steve Keen argues Australia has a real estate bubble and with the massive overload of debt it will eventually burst.


John McGrath

Real estate – are prices on the up or set to fall? John McGrath shares his views on the outlook for property, as well as his top property picks.


Terry McCrann

Yet again, the RBA opted to leave the cash rate on hold. Terry McCrann, News’ leading business commentator, uncovers why the central bank did what they did.


John McGrath

John McGrath shines the spotlight on what’s going on in the housing and real estate sector at the moment.


John Edwards

John Edwards, CEO of Residex, predicts the outlook for the property industry.


Dr John Hewson

Dr John Hewson uncovers the logic behind the RBA’s pause on rates. Is the big bank straightening up to fly right? Or are they way off course?


Charles Tarbey

Amid talk of housing bubbles and collapsing prices, Charles Tarbey, chairman of Century 21 and a doyen of Australian real estate, shares his view on the future of the property market.


Pamela Liebman

The Big Apple boasts some of the most expensive real estate in the world. Peter Switzer catches up with Pamela Liebman, CEO of The Corcoran Group, to see where the New York property market is headed.


Ron Bewley and Clifford Bennett

With reports of a mortgage mess in the US set to scuttle the American banking system, we turn to Ron Bewley and Clifford Bennett to assess the damage.


Tim Baker

As the mortgage market mess continues to spook Wall Street, are local investors set for sleepless nights ahead? To see what’s in store, we turn to Deutsche Bank’s Tim Baker.


Dr Frank Gelber

Don’t miss the outlook for commercial property with BIS Shrapnel’s Dr Frank Gelber. Is now the time to jump into this sector?


Lisa Claes

The Reserve Bank Board surprised the market by keeping the official cash rate on hold for the fifth straight month. So what does this mean for the mortgage market and your home loan? To find out, we speak with Lisa Claes, executive director mortgages at ING Direct.


Rob Mellor and Lisa Montgomery

Are interest rates and the withdrawal of government assistance taking a toll on investors? BIS Shrapnel’s Rob Mellor and Resi Mortgage’s Lisa Montgomery discuss.


Frank Gelber

The outlook for commercial property with one of the country’s most respected economic forecasters and economists – BIS Shrapnel’s Chief economist, Dr Frank Gelber.


John McGrath

Double-digit growth in property prices adds up to good news for investors. To find out more, don’t miss John McGrath’s market outlook.


Christopher Joye

The RP Data-Rismark Hedonic Home Value Index showed house prices soared almost 12 per cent last year – so, is it a case of higher and higher when it comes to your property?


Ewan Morton

Aussie house prices hit a fresh high in the last quarter, and now, with news that rents are set to skyrocket this year, we show you how to protect your investment with Ewan Morton’s tips for perfecting property management.


Damian Smith

To fix or not to fix? To find out, Peter Switzer caught up with RateCity’s Damian Smith. Watch now as he shows you how you can shave years, and thousands of dollars, off your home loan.


Sam White

Extra money poured into the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) sparked new life into the property market, but as the economy recovers and the incentives are wound back, where will it leave the real estate market? To find out, Peter Switzer speaks with Sam White from Ray White Real Estate.


John McGrath

Don’t miss John McGrath’s auction secrets. Plus, his take on where the market is headed.