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The Hon. Julie Bishop

It’s been a busy week on the election trail with the big issues making headlines, but what’s really in it for business? Don’t miss the Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop’s take on Julia Gillard’s policies. Plus, she shares how her Party plans to put business front and centre.

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Bill Shorten

As the Government dodges bullets over asylum seekers, live exports and its carbon tax, one policy development has flown under the radar – financial planning reforms. Assistant Treasurer Bill Shorten reveals how these reforms will affect you.


Jason Andrew

Jason Andrew from Jason Andrew Auctioneers gives insight into how to get the most from an auction, no matter whether buying or selling.


Greg Hunt

While the Gillard Government continues to evangelise their carbon tax, what is the Opposition’s take on the issue? For their approach to carbon policy, we chat to Shadow Minister for Climate Action, Environment and Heritage Greg Hunt.


Graham Richardson

Right-wing power broker and former Australian politician Graham Richardson talks climate change – is it a myth or something we need to rally behind?


The Hon Penny Wong

While the Prime Minister evangelises her carbon tax around the nation, Federal Finance Minister Penny Wong joins us to explain why the much-maligned tax is not ill-conceived nor ill-timed.


Malcolm Mackerras

She took top job, but will she keep it come election time? With Julia Gillard and her government likely to struggle in the political race over the next two years to election, political commentator Malcolm Mackerras shares whether she can turn the beat around.


Nick Armstrong & Mark Vachon

COzero’s Nick Armstrong and GE Ecomagination’s Mark Vachon debate the pros and cons of the carbon tax which has Australia up in arms.


Max Williamson

With the cloud of controversy stemming from Cate Blanchett’s support of the carbon tax dissipating, we consult Max Williamson to separate the fact from the media pollution.


Tom Seymour and Paul Rickard

PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Tom Seymour and Lumus Financial Services' Paul Rickard uncover the devil in the details of the budget and the potential slugs to your wealth goals.


Alan Langford

As Wayne Swan chases his seemingly-elusive surplus, we turn to Bankwest’s Alan Langford to see if the Treasurer will ever get there. Can Swan bank on the pace of economic growth, the health of China and future Reserve Bank movements in order to keep his promises?


Dr John Hewson

As the nation prepares itself for the release of a tough budget next week, former leader of the Federal Opposition Dr John Hewson weighs in on the pressures on Treasurer Wayne Swan and what we can expect come Budget night.


Bill Leak

We look beyond the funny side of political cartoons with cartoonist Bill Leak who has drawn on matters from mining taxes to asylum seekers.


Malcolm Mackerras

With New South Wales residents heading to the polls this weekend, political analyst Malcolm Mackerras reveals his predictions for the election's results.


Graham Richardson

Recently, the NSW Labor government was given the greatest electoral spanking in the history of the country. So where did they go wrong? Graham Richardson, the Mr Fix-It of the Hawke and Keating governments, reveals the causes of Labor’s epic fail.


Joe Hockey

The polls are in: on the back of the carbon tax announcement, Julia Gillard’s popularity has plummeted below Paul Keating’s record lows. So what does Federal Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey think of Labor’s policies for carbon, policing the big banks and immigration?


Hon. Peter Collins

What if you started a business that rested on Labor Government being kicked out? Hon. Peter Collins has basically gambled that conservative governments would become the next big thing – find out why and whether he's on the money.


Greg Evans

As the Gillard Government throws a new curveball – a proposed carbon price – into the mix of challenges already facing Aussie business, we turn to the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry's Greg Evans to uncover the real cost.


Malcolm Mackerras AO

Aussie politics is a cliffhanger thanks to excruciatingly close election results in Victoria and Tasmania, a nail-biting election on the cards for NSW and a dead-heat federal election last year. Political analyst Malcolm Mackerras sheds light on what exactly is going on in Aussie politics.


Malcolm Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull tackles the “colossal white elephant” that is the government’s NBN. How much change are Australian tax payers going to see for their $43 billion?


Malcolm MacKerras

The new parliament has put the spotlight on pollies behaving badly. But when will they get on with the job of running the country? Don't miss Malcolm MacKerras's take on the new political paradigm.


John Utting

Now that the dust from the campaign trail has settled, where did Rudd go wrong? We put the spotlight on the power of the polls with ALP numbers man UMR Research’s John Utting.


Phil Diak

Why is it taking so long to get the tallies for the top job on the board? To find out, we turn to The Australian Electoral Commission’s Phil Diak.


Professor Ron Bird

Can Labor really take credit for steering us through the financial crisis? And did the stimulus really create 200,000 jobs? With less than a day to go until you cast your vote, don’t miss Professor Ron Bird’s take what really saved our economy.


Malcolm Mackerras AO

With only two days to go until the nation decides who will take up residence at The Lodge, the race to the polls is nearing the finish line. Political analyst Malcolm Mackerras reveals who he’s tipping to take the top job.


The Hon. Julie Bishop

It’s been a busy week on the election trail with the big issues making headlines, but what’s really in it for business? Don’t miss the Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop’s take on Julia Gillard’s policies. Plus, she shares how her Party plans to put business front and centre.


Malcolm Mackerras AO

As Labor loses grip on its election-winning lead, is a Coalition victory in sight? From Canberra, political analyst Malcolm Mackerras AO tips who will take the top job come 21 August.


The Hon. Chris Bowen

From the corridors of Canberra, they’re changing the rules of engagement when it comes to financial planning and services. Find out what this means for your money with Minister for Financial Services Chris Bowen.


Hugh Mackay

Will Rudd see another term? Or does the lycra-clad Abbot have what it takes to win the hearts of the nation? Social researcher and author Hugh Mackay looks at the recent decline of Rudd-mania and what it could spell come election time.


Dr John Hewson

Will Julia Gillard last until August? Political veteran and former Liberal leader Dr John Hewson looks at the spin coming from Canberra.


Terry McCrann

Joe Hockey’s $7 billion blunder has taken centre stage in the election campaign. But News Ltd economic commentator Terry McCrann is more concerned about what’s missing from their campaign, and what the media hoopla is hiding.


The Hon. Joe Hockey

Will Abbott and his gang block Telstra’s $11 billion NBN deal if they come to power? Find out why Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey tips the deal as a technology punt taxpayers shouldn’t take.


Simon Crean

As mining magnate Clive Palmer and giants like Xstrata make a grab for headlines, Australia’s Minister for Trade reveals what China really thinks about Rudd’s mining tax.


Joe Hockey - Shadow Treasurer

For his take on all the major political issues, don’t miss Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey. Watch it now.


Craig Emerson - Minister for Small Business

How is small business tracking and what changes should you expect? To find out, don’t miss Minister for Small Business Craig Emerson.


Senator Barnaby Joyce

He says Australia is in debt, big time – but has the leader of the National Party, Barnaby Joyce, sorted the fact from the fiction when it comes to his figures?


Chris Bowen MP

It’s no secret that over the last year super has taken quite the hit. To find out what the future holds for your super, Switzer caught up with the Minister for Financial Services, Superannuation and Corporate Law, The Hon Chris Bowen MP.


Malcolm Mackerras

Kevin may have triumphed in ’07, but will he be able to repeat the performance come election time? The experts tip a landslide victory– but in whose favour? Don’t miss the odds with political analyst Malcolm Mackerras.


Joe Hockey

Whether it’s a well-founded concern or just politicking, the federal opposition seems to be focusing its efforts on the economy. To discuss the issues further Federal Shadow Treasurer, Joe Hockey, joined Switzer TV.


Tony Burke MP

As all eyes are on Copenhagen and the climate change debate rages at dinner tables across the nation, Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, the Hon. Tony Burke, reveals what’s really happening in our own backyard.