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Rory Robertson

Could interest rates stay on hold until December or are homeowners set to be inflicted with more mortgage pain? Macquarie economist and interest rate strategist Rory Robertson reveals where to from here on the rate front.

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Christopher Wright

How long will this Chinese economic boom last and what does it mean for those in it for the long haul? Christopher Wright, former Austrade Senior Trade Commissioner and country manager for China, discusses China’s future.


Dr John Hewson

As Wall Street made gains for the third day straight, investors are asking ‘Will this rally last?’ Former leader of the Federal Opposition Dr John Hewson has preached caution on being too optimistic but where does he stand now?


James Manning

As the economy shows signs of slower-than-expected growth, how is the media sector faring as a target for your investments? Mediaweek's James Manning gives his outlook on the health of the media industry.


Simon Bond

In a world where 70 per cent of all NYSE trades are done via a computer and the average hold is less than 10 seconds, how can investors maintain long-term conviction? Simon Bond shares his message of hope for those disenchanted by a barrage of bad news.


Mike Kendall

We talk to JBWere’s Mike Kendall for his interpretation on yesterday’s market movements in Australia.


Michael Knox

RBS Morgans' Michael Knox investigates the two issues affecting the markets: how will Europe overcome its debt woes, and will the US avoid recession?


Ron Bewley

As Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. So exactly how much should we fret over our investments in this volatile market? Ron Bewley reveals what his fear index is telling him right now.


Shane Oliver and Clifford Bennett

AMP’s Shane Oliver and Empire Economics’ Clifford Bennett discuss the state of the world markets and why they are feeling bullish. Watch Part Two here.


George Boubouras and Clifford Bennett

UBS’ George Boubouras and Empire Economics’ Clifford Bennett discuss the state of the world markets and why they are feeling bullish. Watch Part One here.


Associate Professor Steve Keen

Long-time bear Associate Professor Steve Keen gives his predictions for what's on the horizon.


Harry S. Dent Jr.

Is the next Great Depression on our doorstep? Big-call merchant Harry S. Dent Jr. argues we haven't seen the worst yet.


Peter Harold

Peter Harold, MD of Panoramic Resources, shares the challenges facing the industry right now.


Christopher Joye & Michael McCarthy

Rismark International’s Christopher Joye and CMC Markets’ Michael McCarthy share their views on how the Reserve Bank will act in coming months.


Kerry Series

We’ve long heard of how China holds our future economic potential in its hands, but where is the world’s growth engine at now? For tales from the Orient, we speak with Eight Investment Partners’ Kerry Series.


Jennie Lang

We look at the fallout of the strong Aussie dollar. Why is the education sector feeling the pinch? Don't miss UNSW’s Jennie Lang on how the industry is coping in this economic environment.


David Murray AO

David Murray AO on yesterday’s Reserve Bank decision, the direction of the Australian economy and where he’s investing at the moment.


Michael Heffernan

While some US fund managers harbour fears for a US recession, others believe the last quarter of 2011 will turn fortunes around. Austock Securities’ Michael Heffernan sifts through the data to determine what’s in store for the US economy.


Russell Zimmerman

Are the retail sector’s better-than-expected figures for July as good as they seem? Australian Retailers Association’s Russell Zimmerman deconstructs the numbers and what retailers can expect for the months ahead.


Harold Mitchell

What can advertising spend tell us about the state of the economy? Aegis’ Harold Mitchell reveals the health of the market based upon how businesses are promoting.


Peter Gleeson

The unemployment figures jumped to more than five per cent yesterday – Chandler Macleod’s Peter Gleeson shares two important take-home messages from the data.


Angus Geddes

What caused the back-from-the-brink market performance? Fat Prophets’ Angus Geddes shares the reasons behind the market move that had investors scratching their heads.


Simon Bond

Wall Street moved higher for the first time in more than a week last night – but not by much. We talk to Simon Bond to determine whether we need to abandon ship – could we see GFC Mk II?


Marcel von Pfyffer and Clifford Bennett

For advice on market movements, two economic hotshots decipher the news – RBS Morgans’ Marcel von Pfyffer and Herston Economics’ Clifford Bennett.


Michael Knox

The US has seen more red than blue and white recently, so how is Uncle Sam dealing with that dreaded four-letter word – D-E-B-T? RBS Morgans’ Michael Knox details exactly how fearful investors should be.


Saul Eslake

With recent calls proclaiming the next RBA rate movement could be down, what can we really expect? Peter Switzer speaks with the Grattan Institute’s Saul Eslake to sort the fact from the fiction.


Lance Lai

Lance Lai shares what his mysterious wriggly lines tell him this time.


Keith Skinner

How are the country’s top company accountants feeling? Time to tighten purse strings or splash a little cash? Keith Skinner reveals the latest findings from Deloitte’s CFO Survey.


Roger Montgomery

Roger Montgomery determines the impact of the carbon tax imposition on big polluting public companies.


Lisa Claes

Consumer confidence hit a 26-month low in July, and fallen a total 17.3 per cent over 12 months. Do the figures add up to a Reserve Bank interest rate cut? ING Direct’s Lisa Claes discusses what the data means for the economy.


Deborah Hadwen

Deborah Hadwen, CEO of Tata Consultancy Services for Australia and New Zealand, discusses growth and business in the fast-emerging Indian economy.


Terry McCrann

June saw the Reserve Bank hold the trigger on an interest rate hike – but will they take the chance in July? News Ltd’s RBA expert Terry McCrann forecasts the Central Bank’s movements over the frosty season.


Lincoln Crawley & Christena Singh

Manpower managing director Lincoln Crawley reveals how the job market is faring in this two-speed economy, and author of the Sensis Business Index, Christena Singh, shares the latest on what’s happening in the small and medium business sector.


James Dunn

What’s the forecast for big businesses such as Telstra and Foster’s? DunnMedia’s James Dunn shares his outlook for the biggies of the market, plus tips his favourite small-caps.


Malcolm Wood

The share market has taken investors on a rollercoaster of late – Morgan Stanley Smith Barney's Malcolm Wood reveals whether it's time to buckle in or buy out.


Dr John Hewson

The stock market has seen a reprieve from its spiraling negativity, but is this merely a momentary spark of hope, or will we see more permanent growth? Former federal opposition leader and chairman of GSA Insurance Brokers Dr John Hewson tackles the big economic issues.


Axel van Trotsenburg

All investor eyes may be on economic movements in Greece and the US, what about the home front? Today, World Bank vice president Axel van Trotsenburg shares plans to bridge global partnerships following meetings with DFAT and the Treasury.


Joe Youssef

The launch of the Asia Pacific Stock Exchange in the near future will see investors listing and trading shares in multiple currencies and languages. CEO Joe Youssef explains the logistics of this massive venture.


Kerry Series

Greece may be dominating economic headlines, but where should investors’ attention really be focused? 8IP’s Kerry Series details need-to-know region-by-region investment opportunities in Asian markets.


Lance Lai

He got the markets spot-on in April, but will his winning streak continue? Accountancy Invest’s Lance Lai looks to the charts for his market predictions.


Simon Bond

Simon Bond throws the spotlight on where the potential for growth lies.


Marcel von Pfyffer

Could we see our Aussie dollar charge up to 120 US cents? Find out why RBS Morgans’ Marcel von Pfyffer predicts this as a very real possibility.


Nabi Saleh

How much does that cup of Morning Joe cost you? Today, founder of Gloria Jean’s Coffees International Nabi Saleh reveals how rising coffee prices will affect your hip pocket.


Ron Bewley

Woodhall Investment Research’s Ron Bewley tracks the relationship between US and Australian markets.


David Taylor

Yesterday saw the biggest one-day gain in six months – but will market positivity remain on the up? Market analyst David Taylor shares his views on the investor sentiment moving the market.


Craig James

Craig James gives his take on the critically important business investment figures moving the market.


Michael Heffernan and Gareth Hulbert

Following Osama bin Laden’s demise, Austock Securities’ Michael Heffernan and Macquarie Private Portfolio Management’s Gareth Hulbert reveal the impact on world markets.


Fred van der Tang

What is Australia’s most attractive company to work for? Fred van der Tang, CEO of recruitment company Randstad, reveals the answer, and gives his predictions for a loosening labour market.


Marcel von Pfyffer

Marcel von Pfyffer gives insight into the US stock market. How did US Fed boss Ben Bernanke’s historic first press conference shape the markets?


Michael McCarthy

Following two days of disappointing results on the local stock market, we turn to CMC Markets’ Michael McCarthy to unearth what’s causing this underachievement.


Lance Lai

Lance Lai throws the spotlight on the finer details – don’t miss his take on the technicals of the markets both here and abroad.


George Boubouras

A lacklustre Standard & Poor’s assessment of the US’ debt spooked the market yesterday. UBS’ George Boubouras reveals whether this has the potential to unhinge the stock market’s trajectory.


Professor John Quiggin

We survived the GFC market crash, but have we really learnt our lesson? Professor John Quiggin from the University of Queensland explains "zombie economics" and how dead ideas still walk among us.


Ron Bewley

With the market up four weeks in a row, Ron Bewley’s predictions of late have proved to be on the money. So, where does he think the market is headed right now?


Marcel Von Pfyffer

As the Aussie dollar lingers in 105-US cent territory and with question marks over the upward march of commodity prices, RBS Morgans’ Marcel Von Pfyffer uncovers what’s in store for market players.


Lance Lai

Lance Lai consults the charts to reveal where the markets are headed locally and across the globe.


Max Williamson

As mining stocks push the stock market further into positive territory, mining expert Max Williamson discusses the current strength of the sector and whether the gold rush will continue.


Shane Oliver

Shane Oliver reveals the market movements causing a stir.


Michael Knox

With the markets looking positive, RBS Morgans’ Michael Knox identifies what could derail this rally and the likelihood of it happening.


Dr Manny Pohl

Could the market rise 19 per cent for five years? Dr Manny Pohl, managing director of Hyperion Asset Management, shares his positive outlook and tips the companies his money’s on this year.


Ron Bewley

At a time when many investors are spooked by Japan and Libya, number cruncher extraordinaire Ron Bewley shares a sunny outlook for the economy. Is the future for markets as gloomy as suspected?


Anton Tagliaferro

To the chagrin of some, and the joy of others, Christmas is rounding the corner. Master of the markets, Investors Mutual’s Anton Tagliaferro has been cautious on the outlook for shares. Is he a little jollier in the lead up to Christmas?


Michael Knox

For a gaze into the economy’s crystal ball, we grill Michael Knox, chief economist at RBS Morgans, for the signs and murmurs affecting the market.


Terry Davis

Coca-Cola Amatil has seen it all from its top dog position. Group managing director Terry Davis shares insights into what’s affecting the sector, from the proposed carbon tax to the wisdom of the current milk wars being waged in your supermarket.


Dr Shane Oliver

Dr Shane Oliver from AMP Capital Investors shares his analysis on what’s moving the markets.


David Murray

We tap into the unparalleled insights of former big boss of the Commonwealth Bank and current chairman of the Future Fund David Murray for a forecast of the Aussie and global economies.


David Foster

With floods and earthquakes eating into insurers’ profits, Suncorp Bank reported a smaller-than-expected result for half year 2011. David Foster, CEO of Suncorp Bank, shares the company’s outlook for the future.


Dr Michael Lissack

Dr Michael Lissack, one of the top 25 Wall Street bankers in the 1990s and former managing director of Smith Barney, has turned author. From floods to cyclones to people’s revolutions, he looks at how world forces shape the stock market.


Malcolm Wood

Malcolm Wood, head of investment strategy at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney poses the question, could a slow economy prompt the next move in interest rates down?


Damian Smith

New data shows as interest rates spike, many Australians are paying 20 per cent or more for credit cards. Is this you? Damian Smith, CEO of RateCity, uncovers the reasoning behind this insanity.


Dr Frank Gelber

Dr Frank Gelber, chief economist and director of economics at BIS Shrapnel, is known for his controversial views on the market – what does he think is next for the Aussie economy?


Chris Richardson

A drop in interest rates? A technical recession? Or none of the above? Chris Richardson from Access Economics reveals his outlook on the economy.


Chris Caton

What’s in store for your investments? BT Financial Group’s chief economist Chris Caton shares his views on the Aussie economy and the outlook for the markets.


Saul Eslake

What’s the real strength of the Aussie economy? To find out, we turn to the Grattan Institute’s Saul Eslake.


Lance Lai

Lance Lai looks to the charts to see what’s in store for gold.


Ron Bewley, Steve Keen, Clifford Bennett and Wesley Legrand

With mixed opinions on the future of the markets, Peter Switzer referees the ultimate battle of the bears and the bulls.


Steve Torso and Domenic Carosa

Steve Torso, CEO of Wholesale Investor, and Domenic Carosa of Dominet Digital discuss how to invest in a challenging economic environment.


Fred Pollock

How are hedge funds faring in the post-GFC world? To find out, Peter Switzer turns to hedge fund manager Fred Pollock in NYC. Plus, don’t miss his take on the collapse of Lehman Brothers.


Rob Watson

New York is the Grand Central for wealth – to find out just what kind of movement’s at the station, Peter Switzer turns to financial heavyweight Lyster Watson’s Rob Watson. Watson reveals how he saw his clients through GFC.


Bob Doll

From New York, Peter Switzer speaks to investment heavyweight BlackRock’s Bob Doll. With roughly US$3 trillion under management, Doll reveals how he made the most of the GFC.


Jeff Applegate

While the GFC shook Wall Street, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney’s Jeff Applegate and his team held firm to a positive outlook. So what does the investment heavyweight see in store for 2011?


Clifford Bennett

As the last RBA meeting for the year draws nearer, don’t miss Herston Economics’ Clifford Bennett and his take on what’s in store for those in the RBA’s firing line, the Aussie dollar and the strength of China.


Lance Lai

When it comes to markets, commodities and currencies, the trend is your friend ... until it bends. So, how do you pick the change and keep your investments safe? Lance Lai reveals chartists’ trade secrets.


Mathew McCrum

As Wall Street struggles to hold onto gains, is the local market rally running out of puff? Top fund manager Omega Global Investor’s Mathew McCrum shares his outlook for the local market.


Dr Ziggy Switkowski

Is nuclear power the way forward? Today, we turn to the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation’s Dr Ziggy Switkowski to weigh in on the debate.


Steve Tucker

MLC’s Steve Tucker to get his take on the failed AXA Asia Pacific takeover.


Bruce Jacques

We take a closer look at the coal sector with IHS McCloskey’s Bruce Jacques. Which stocks in this sector are the ones to watch at the moment?


Charlie Aitken

We’ve seen the market gain some momentum, but is this rally something we can really believe in? To find out, we turn to Southern Cross Equities’ Charlie Aitken.


Stephen Halmarick and Clifford Bennett

With rumours circulating of another rate hike, Herston Economics’ Clifford Bennett and Colonial First State’s Stephen Halmarick give predictions of the RBA’s future movements.


Scott Haslem

The Reserve Bank hinted an interest rate hike is on the way. But could rates spike by 125 basis points? We speak with UBS’s chief economist Scott Haslem – a former staffer at the big bank.


Michael Knox

Is the Aussie dollar overvalued? Don’t miss RBS Morgans’ chief economist Michael Knox and his take on the market.


Craig James

The labour market shattered expectations yesterday, as unemployment hit a 19-month low. For more on this and what’s shaping the economy, we turn to CommSec’s Craig James.


Nick Maroutsos

Is the bond market ready to burst in the States? And what will the fallout be for equity markets? To find out, we turn to Kapstream Capital’s Nick Maroutsos.


Glenn Baker

Will the big bank hold fire for the fourth month in a row? Today, we turn to interest rate expert ING Direct’s Glenn Baker for the answer. Plus, don’t miss his take on the economy.


David Pring

We put the spotlight on Paul Hogan’s tax scandal – how does someone rack up a bill of that size? Deloitte Private’s David Pring uncovers what this cautionary tale means for you.


Saul Eslake

Where to next for interest rates? And will Governor Stevens’s decision help or hinder the current election impasse? Don’t miss the Grattan Institute’s Saul Eslake and his take on the health of the Aussie economy.


Anton Tagliaferro

Don’t miss the market outlook with top fund manager Investors Mutual’s Anton Tagliaferro. Plus, his view on the hand Telstra has been dealt – will they turn up trumps?


Dr Frank Gelber

Did we really have a financial crisis? Or was it just a credit squeeze? BIS Shrapnel’s Dr Frank Gelber reveals the real price of having such a strong economy. Don’t miss his take on what’s in store for the local market.


Chris Watling

For a close look at the health of the UK economy, we turn to Longview Economics’ Chris Watling.


Rory Robertson

Could interest rates stay on hold until December or are homeowners set to be inflicted with more mortgage pain? Macquarie economist and interest rate strategist Rory Robertson reveals where to from here on the rate front.


Clifford Bennett

What’s the state of the Australian and US economies? And what’s the outlook for the market between now and Christmas? Respected forecaster Clifford Bennett reveals where the market is headed.


Dr Shane Oliver

It’s been a couple of weeks of market madness – but who’s to blame? Join AMP Capital Investors’ Dr Shane Oliver for his take on what’s moving the market.


Rory Robertson

Six interest rate rises from seven meetings – has the Reserve Bank gone too far, too fast? Switzer speaks with interest rate expert Macquarie’s Rory Robertson.


Dr Shane Oliver

Dr Shane Oliver from AMP Capital Investors sorts the fact from the fiction when it comes to market fears.


Clifford Bennett

Herston Economics’ Clifford Bennett takes on Governor Stevens’s rate policy.


Glenn Baker

Where to from here? Don’t miss ING’s Glenn Baker on interest rates.


John Hewson

John Hewson on the health of the economy and the Opposition Leader. Is Abbott really fighting fit to be a true contender come election time?


Shane Oliver

AMP’s Dr Shane Oliver tackles the issues keeping investors awake at night.


Rory Robertson

Don’t miss what your interest rate future holds, with ones of Australia’s leading rates experts, Macquarie’s Rory Robertson.


Dr John Hewson

Find out why former Federal Opposition leader Dr John Hewson says the bank he campaigned so hard to create may prove to be the economy’s downfall.


Dr Shane Oliver

What’s the outlook for the Aussie economy this year? To get the lowdown on the local market, Peter Switzer talks to AMP Capital’s chief economist Dr Shane Oliver.


Steve Keen

And, the man who called the crash and tipped a 40 per cent tumble in property prices. Last year, his view was nothing short of negative, but is 2010 looking rosier for Professor Steve ‘the bear’ Keen?