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Maureen Jordan
Friday, March 26, 2010

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First there was the horse whisperer. Then the dog whisperer. Well hold your horses because now there’s the magazine whisperer! I mentioned a few weeks ago that we had acquired RUSSH – the fashion magazine with the most passionate following I’ve ever seen. But first a warning, if you don’t have any interest in fashion and you’re prone to catwalk sickness, then read no further. What you are about to read is my blatant sell and over-the-top promotion of this amazing magazine, and the team who put it together. 
Why the magazine whisperer? Well, two reasons. Firstly RUSSH needed some taming when it came into our publishing house, like anyone entering a new environment. If you know publishing, you know that a magazine has a life of its own – it’s almost a living thing which helps to explain why those who work on a title feel so extraordinarily passionate about it. Believe me, I’ve seen the absolute grief and heart wrenching tears flow when a magazine closes. But back to the whispering. Over the last eight weeks I’ve witnessed first hand the extraordinary ability of its new editor-in- chief Jess Blanch. Jess’s publishing skills are exceptional – a mix of both organisation and creativity. With RUSSH’s new editor Stevie Dance, they make the perfect pair and are backed up by the fashion and design talent of Emma and Christine, to name but a few.
So RUSSH is now housed safely in the Switzer stable. Issue 33 has just hit the newsstands but there’s no rest for the ‘wickedly’ creative and work is well underway on issue 34. And the website is offering dedicated followers of fashion (even my male hairdresser secretly confesses to reading it from cover to cover!) continual visual treats.
The second reason? That’s related to Switzer’s proud promotion of RUSSH, with me as the medium! Read all about it. Read all about it. RUSSH is here to grow and prosper so let the whispering campaign begin. The cynics among you might have a go at fashion, but in this world there’s nothing wrong with women engaging in a little magazine frivolity and being swept away in a sea of pleasure – all for the cover price of $9.95! One friend just told me that RUSSH is his daughter’s favourite magazine and the last issue has been on her bed for three weeks, dispelling the myth that she could be prone to attention deficit disorder (largely brought on by exposure to logarithms and calculus at too young an age). 
So there you have it, one proud old publisher spreading the word. The world could well do with a little less seriousness, a little less hectic pace and a little more RUSSH. 

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Published: Friday, March 26, 2010

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