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Maureen Jordan
Monday, June 29, 2009

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There is an entrepreneur in many of us. We dream of opening a café, owning a shop or starting some business venture from home. We act as entrepreneurs in our corporate life, running our division, leading people or coming up with innovations to drive up sales. There are so many opportunities to be developed and sometimes it comes down to having the courage to take a risk and open up a door that may lead to success (or at least an experience that will teach us so much).

The great poet Emily Dickenson once wrote, “Not knowing when the dawn will come, I open every door. What that door means or where it might lead is unique to each of us. In the business sense, it could be a new idea, the challenges of a growing business or stepping up to a new role within a corporation. Having the courage to open the door, to push boundaries and to take steps into the unknown can be risky. Being prepared to take calculated risks is part of the entrepreneurial spirit and part of being human.

On this website, we are gathering inspirational stories from women living their dreams, and fortifying their stories with articles on leadership, innovation, money, management and much more. We will build a skyscraper full of much needed female role models to encourage women to develop their powerful female traits – to be confident and powerful leaders, proud of who they are and what they have to contribute to business.

I look forward to developing this part of the website with my wonderful team and would love to hear your stories.


Published: Monday, June 29, 2009

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