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"Since beginning the Full Spectrum program my effectiveness is greatly improved. I spend far less time ‘fixing’ things because they no longer need that type of attention. I address staffing issues quickly and effectively now, and stability is a result. It has provided much needed direction and a clear way forward that was not there before.

Full Spectrum Coaching has been a complete rebirth for me as Director of ULP. More than anything, it has given me a way forward when before I could not see a way forward. It has provided me with direction and choice."

Michael Gerrard, MD Urban Landscape Projects, NSW

"We are currently experiencing growth in the business and expect the growth to continue as we implement our new strategies. We now are able to take more time off as the business is running smoother "

Brett Ingwersen, Brother Nature Garden Centre, VIC

"Since beginning this course, I see that I now do things because I have decided to do them in advance rather than just operating in reaction mode all the time. I am much more conscious of my time management. Less inclined to want to do everything myself. I am more willing to delegate and outsource tasks. I also have some great tools to handle both staff problems and motivation.

I am beginning to see that I do not have to be a slave to the business. When the systems are all in place I can pursue outside interests much more energetically and without the guilt of “neglecting the shop”

I have always been cautious about change and although and have been reluctant to let go of the control I have in certain areas. So, it has been a very enlightening experience to see that others can do the job for me just as effectively, as long as I let them!"

Kerryann George, MD Dubbo Culinary & Homewares

"Fantastic. Business development in our business is more structured, has direction, flows and keeps me on track. It keeps me level headed, gives a professional approach in thought and practice to the business, makes me more determined, confident in what we are doing and where we are going and gives us direction and reassurance that it can continue.

Our staff now understands our vision and our dream and have a sense of purpose at work. Small fires are put out quickly before they have a chance to develop into full bush fires. I feel professional, confident and self assured at work and at home.

I am really enjoying the experience of working with the other business owners in our group. It is really comforting to know we are not the only ones facing challenges and so great to have others work with us to find solutions"

Amanda Willoughby, Director, Blond Café & Store, Angaston, SA

"We are doing the hard work and it is surreal to see it paying off as planned! (in the past things have just not got going, we talked a lot about different things but nothing ever changed)"

Lisa Clarke, Cavalier Homes West, VIC

"This program has shown me the importance of stepping back from our business and understanding that with the correct systems in place I can free my mind of it, and actually do a better job managing it

I did not realise how much of our business I had stored up in my head; no wonder there was no room for anything else up there!! Sadly family included. I spent all my energy at work. I now know how to change that. It makes you think about why you do things a certain way.

This program has really been a godsend. I am able to see what systems are working, where a system needs creating…etc. I’ve been able to distance myself from the workplace, which is a real relief. And now I actually enjoy making things work better and NOT just spending my time making them work."

Rob Willis MTH Systems, Warialda NSW

"This coaching has definitely changed the way I think about the business. It has taught me to work on the business not in the business and therefore be less emotional about it. I have also learnt that the business is here to serve my life, not consume it; how to understand the clients through their needs, not ours; that systems and strategies are imperative to the success of the business."

Amanda le Fleming, GM Winestream, NSW

"This coaching has made me think in a very different way about my business. It is productive time working on the business rather than in the business. There is a lot to do, but I think doing this business development work helps me show more leadership. I am much more relaxed about my leadership, and as a result I feel I have much more support from my team."

Kim Green, Ray White, NSW

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