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Foundations Program Overview

The Foundations 12 Program is an introductory program designed to take place over a period of 12 weeks with one meeting a week and work to be done by the business owner between meetings to implement the topic content and help the owner move towards their objective. For details of the full service program, please talk to a SBC coach today on 1300 794 8937.

For our coaches to work out the program most suitable to your specific set of needs we encourage you do a free one hour business assessment with one of our highly trained coaches before making a decision about our programs.

Foundations Program Outline

Meeting No Topic Number and Title Intention of the Topic
1 00-00010
Introduction to the Coaching Program
Explains the Business Pyramid and the Full Spectrum Coaching Program. Sets the guidelines for understanding and applying sound business principles.
2 01-0200
Strategic Intent
The first step in planning.  Designing and documenting your intention for your business.
3 01-0400
Personal Productivity
Design your own productivity systems that work for you. Get more done in less time.
4 01-0300
Strategic Action
Identify and analyse the forces that drive your business towards success to achieve your Strategic Intent. Implications for business development.
5 02-0100
System-First Problem Solving
Solve your problems and frustrations in a powerful way.
6 02-0200
Systemising Your Business
Determine what work your business needs to do to achieve your Strategic Intent, and design your systems strategy
7 02-0500
Business Organisation
Design how you organise your resources to do the work your business needs to do.
8 Progress Evaluation Review Assess, measure and evaluate your own and your business’ progress in the program
9 07-0050
Cloning Your Best Customer
Increase revenue by finding and marketing to more like your best customer. Introduction to basic marketing concepts.
10 07-0100
The Customer Experience Model
Establish the lifetime experience of target customers; identify  the “touchpoints” and the opportunities to connect with them.
11 04-0600
Cash Intelligence
Understand the importance of Cash as the lifeblood of your business and your need to develop “cash intelligence”.
12 Progress Evaluation Review Assess, measure and evaluate your own and your business’ progress in the program.
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