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Program FAQ

I’m not sure about working with my coach by phone, how can that be as effective as meeting face-to-face?

Conducting meetings by phone ensures highly focused meetings. You are always aware of the agenda before the meeting and of the reading and work you need to do before the next meeting. You can work from your own desk, in the office or at home. And if you are traveling interstate, meetings can still take place. Because this method does not require the coach or the business owner to travel to meetings, costs are kept down and coaches can service their clients more effectively.

It also means that regional business owners can enjoy the benefits often only the privilege of their city counterparts.

What if I don’t have the time to do the work set in between meetings?

If you don’t have or make the time to do strategic work on your business, nothing will change. Your coach will help you examine your time demands and help you develop some strategies to create time and space for you to focus on the most important thing you can do for you and your business, which is business development work.

What is the average time a client works with a coach?

This depends on the business owner’s requirements and commitments. We can tailor short, basic programs of 12 meetings to get them back on the right track or more comprehensive, full service programs for those who have a clear idea of where they want to take their business.

On average, our clients work with the Full Spectrum program for 18 months, with some clients remaining with their coach for up to three years. This in itself is testament to the quality and effectiveness of our coaching skills and materials.

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