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Why we started Switzer Daily

What we do

"Our structured approach to business coaching is accessible and practical. It shows you how to address the issues that hold you back from driving your business into the fast lane of growth, and will change the way you do business - forever."

Peter Switzer

The name Peter Switzer is synonymous with small business excellence. The Switzer Business Coaching program is based on first putting sound business principles in place to provide a solid foundation for business growth.

It's not all work, work, work...

Like many people, you may have started your business to have more freedom, more income and to make a difference. And, before you knew it, you were working 80 hours a week and more; worrying about cash flow and staff issues, and your partner and children can't remember the last time they saw you in daylight hours.

And worse, good people are so hard to find. And none have your commitment; you have to check that everything is done just right. You might as well be doing it all yourself!

Make your business work for you

There is a way to make your business work for you. A way to have delighted customers, quality, happy and proactive staff and a relaxed bank manager.

Our Full Spectrum coaching program can help you regain control of your time, your money and your life. Now you can achieve your life goals through your business not in spite of it. Our program is a practical system based on proven principles.

Our coaching programs will help you
  • take control of your life
  • become more focused
  • attract great people
  • improve your business results
  • have a business that works for you, not the other way around
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