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Case study 2

Corporate Technology Services, founded and headed by Duncan Lugstein, specialises in full audio visual facilities management.

"We've been in business for six years and have been receiving business coaching for the last five years. In this time we have grown from a team of 2 to 12 and our turnover has quadrupled." says Lugstein.

"I regularly catch up over the phone with my business coach, who mentors me and highlights areas where we as a company and I need to focus on and grow in. We discuss things and then tasks are set within proven structured guidelines that assist me to not only plan a course of action but measure efforts along the way."

"Structuring our business around these learnt strategies has not only ensured that we achieve our business goals, but at the same time been fundamental in creating a great culture that has helped us attract and maintain quality staff."

"Meeting over the phone has given me great flexibility, as, within our business at times I could be anywhere and if we had to meet face to face it would make things extremely difficult. These days the internet is available almost everywhere so any tasks or assignments can be emailed through and then discussed over the phone or Skype, therefore I can still keep my appointments on a regular basis and attend to business without either being compromised."

"And yes, even though I've only met my coach once, we have such a rapport and she continues to put so much effort into my success that from day one it has felt as if we were old friends."

Corporate Technology Services specialises in full AV systems facility management. We understand that when it comes to audiovisual infrastructure you want to maximise the performance of your investment. Our management and support team takes care of the daily demands of your systems, leaving you to focus on your promise to your clients


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