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Case study 1

Angie Bradbury, CEO of Melbourne-based Dig Marketing Group, a company which provides strategic marketing and brand communications to the drinks, food and leisure industries.

What motivated you to get a business coach?

We started working with a business coach over five years ago.

We were busy with a business that growing rapidly and new we need a way to keep the business development on track. My business partner and I at the time were also very different people and having a third party to assist us in some aspects of decision making was crucial to keeping our relationship on track.

What has been your biggest challenge in business?

In early 2005, my partner and I decided to split the business in half. I had a 12 week old daughter and becoming a sole director and re-establishing a new business wasn’t really in the plan! I had to re-brand the business, communicate the changes to our client base and then re-build our brand awareness in the market.

I also carried an administrative base for a business twice the size so cutting expenses and managing staffing levels was a huge challenge in the first six months.

I also lost my confidant and sage council in my business partner (a fact we both found really challenging) so my business coach was a critical element of keeping us on track.

What changes have had the most impact?

We are services business operating in pretty ‘creative’ environment yet we have a ‘Dig-Way' for everything we do.

Balancing good business discipline and a focus on procedures with creative thinking and flexibility gives us a pretty differentiated culture.

How has your typical work day changed since then (pre BC)?

Working on my business is always top of mind. I now spend about 50% of my time working on business development and growth, by that I don’t just mean bringing in new business but looking at the whole operation. I’m calmer! We have a clear idea of where we are, where we’re going and a detailed map to help us get there so there’s no need to lay awake at night (well not too much anyway!)

As you re-focused your time, what other changes did you make?

I set a lot of personal goals through coaching because it’s all about what role I wanted the business to play in my life, not how the business was going to control my life. Since having my daughter I get in about 8.45am and leave here at 5.00pm and am in the office four days a week. Yes of course there’s always the odd bit of work I take home but I working much smarter now and have no problem declining meetings after 4pm and Friday’s are sacred – they belong the Chloe.

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