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The power of being positive

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There’s never been a better time to smile, with positive thinking proven to have a positive effect on your profits.
In these turbulent times, it’s more important than ever to ‘put on a happy face’. We have all heard of the power of positive thinking and how it can make you succeed in business, careers, sport and even relationships.
But that’s not all — it helps with wealth building as well. People in business are generally positive unless they have been forced into work by loved ones, or maybe that should be non-loving ones, or else the regular taste of failure has turned them to the dark side.
Being on the dark side is not just bad for your soul, it is generally bad for your bottom line.
The Number One goal of any businessperson should be to be positive. As there are many things that go wrong in business, a smart business leader should have systems in place to reinvigorate the workplace.
What I am saying is that ‘you know what’ happens but you must have a bounce back strategy so you can ditch the blues pertaining to a single issue and get motivated and focused on the main game.
Dr John Lang, who has been at the forefront of the corporate health management field in Australia for over fifteen years, says the trick is “get motivated and then stay that way.” He has analysed the big downers that can take away from the central game plan — to be positive, to be focused and to be in a position to kick goals big time.
He recommends the following for anyone determined to succeed:
First, you must have a B-plan to beat temptations to be slack. If you are running each morning when it rains you’ll need a B-plan, which could be an indoor activity. This advice is so relevant as it gives the good intentions to perform better a more solid foundation.
(I know someone who was trying to lose weight, but was always busy and so often found he had to eat out at nights. He simply made a promise to order soup or salads any time he was forced to eat out. He still pigged out at planned nights at restaurants, but his B-plan helped him achieve his goal of losing weight.)
Second, manage stressful situations. I once heard the former AFL legend Stan Alves speak about the devastation of being sacked as coach of St Kilda after two successful years.
He told the audience that his wife put his foolish stress into perspective when she asked was the issue really important enough to make him negative and counterproductive? She reminded him nothing to her was really stressful after the shock death of their young son on the way home from school. I have never forgotten that story.
The lesson? Rank problems, so you don’t waste too much time trying to solve relatively unimportant issues.
Third, manage irrational perceptions to build up great coping skills. Lang talks of a bag of tricks to cope with stressful situations.
The Olympic taekwondo gold medallist at the Sydney Olympics, Lauren Burns, said she coped with being knocked out of the World Championships in the first round by the world champion from Chinese Taipei, the year before the Olympics, by videoing all of her rival’s fights at the tournament.
She watched the videos for a year, over and over, and beat her in the first round of the Olympics! She looked for a positive out of a loss and won in the end.
Next, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Some people never take the step to be a full-time business or others fail to get out of a home-based business because they fear the unknown and don’t want to give up their comfort zone.
The fifth one might shock you — get good sleep. It not only makes you grumpy which can affect the way you deal with people, it reduces your immunity and can leave you prone to ‘hold-you-back’ illnesses like the flu.
Dr Lang says it reduces our insulin sensitivity and can contribute to diabetes by, wait for it, 40 per cent! Sleep also creates an anti-ageing hormone, so being tired not only makes you feel old it makes you look it!
Sixth, Lang has used Harvard business and medical data to tell us that investing in a healthy life program returns $3 for every $1 invested.

I know gym junkies can be annoyingly excessive, but they’re positive and they look bloody great — the bastards! 

Published on: Friday, November 13, 2009

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