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Sleepless nights impact economy

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Sometimes it’s the most insidious of things that causes the biggest impact on your business, and your employees’ sleepless nights might be one of them. A recent census by bed manufacturer Sealy, in conjunction with CQUniversity, has revealed how Australia’s sleep habits impact upon the economy.

Of the 13,089 people polled, 96 per cent said they frequently wake up tired, with only four per cent saying they feel refreshed. This then impacts their work, with one-third of respondents admitting they have called in sick due to lack of sleep.

Of those who did work when tired, 70 per cent said their professional productivity was negatively impacted, and 38 per cent admitted they have fallen asleep at work or during a meeting.

At least 167,000,000 man hours are lost each year thanks to this, equating to almost $5 billion in lost productivity.

“The census is the largest and most in-depth study of its kind ever undertaken in Australia and forms an important part of our ongoing commitment to research and innovation in the sleep arena,” says Sealy spokesperson Ross Gage. “The study gives us valuable insight not only into the sleeping habits of Australians but how sleep issues can impact directly on Australian commerce.”

Published on: Wednesday, April 11, 2012

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