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Don’t let business burn you out

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Business operators run high on adrenalin. Being self-sufficient, self-fulfilling and self-directed can take its toll and it’s easy to run low on the things that keep the ‘self’ going!

Ask anyone who has been to the brink of serious illness about the dangers of physical and nutritional imbalance. Many people tend to ignore the warning signs until it’s too late and they just have to stop working in order for their body to recover. The advice from the experts to all business people under pressure is simple — “Listen to your body!”

Rest and relax

Health experts advise that you take a break of one to two minutes per hour by performing simple stretch and relaxation exercises to reduce tension and release emotions. They say that short rest periods can relieve pressure and re-energise your mind after concentrated physical and or mental effort.

Look after your diet

During the roadshows where I’ve been the MC I’ve listened to people like Dr John Tickell, who puts enormous energy and skill into winning over men in particular to care for their health. We blokes can be really bad at lifestyle eating – too much red meat, not enough of the things that the good doctors say are essential for vitality and longevity, such as fish and vegies. I know I used to skip meals to keep up with my hectic day and then bulk up at the next one. Not good, and not what the doctor orders. This will lower your blood sugar levels resulting in fatigue. And you need all the energy you can to run a business.

Apparently low blood sugar levels also create an unnatural “high” of hunger that we need to satisfy with a ‘quick fix’ like coffee, tea, chocolate, —all high in calories or caffeine.

What happens next is that we whack on the weight. And then along comes the sickness - poor dietary habits can lead to excess weight, diabetes, gallstones, coronary heart disease, osteoporosis, irritable bowel syndrome, kidney stones, stroke, liver cirrhosis – the list goes on.

Exercise regularly

The fitter you are, the more you can tackle and achieve. If you have the money, think about getting some help with a personal trainer – it’s not pretentious. It just means that you will do the exercise. If you can’t afford that then schedule an exercise session every other day. The same way you time manage your daily appointments, manage your workout as a priority in the day. It all requires discipline – just like any aspect of being in business – focus and discipline.


Published on: Monday, June 29, 2009

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