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High-achieving women on top of the world

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Forget Cupid – the women at March’s Advance Women’s Leadership Summit are wooing the business world. To find out more, Peter Switzer invited host and organiser of the event and CEO of Advance, Serafina Maiorano onto his Sky News Business program SWITZER.

“We’re bringing together 200 Australian resident and expatriate men and women who are leaders or emerging leaders in their field to discuss global issues that are affecting Australia and Australia’s economy. We’re going to be celebrating 50 women across the Asia Pacific who are Australian-born or educated and really celebrate their achievements across all sectors,” says Maiorano.

“[Guests] tell their stories, their leadership stories, they give their own insights, their own perspectives about how Australia can tap into this network. Some of the key themes of the conference are around economic growth through innovation, building a green economy that is profitable for business and the planet, commercialising Australian innovation offshore in key markets, and building a sustainable leadership approach too. These individuals are highly influential in Japan, in China, in the US, Canada, and Indonesia.”

The summit, which will be held over two days, includes discussions, speeches, a gala dinner and cocktail function.

“We have a cross-section of women across industries,” she says.

Some of the guests invited include Jillian Segal, a director on the Australian Securities Exchange, Heather Ridout, chief executive of the Australian Industry Group, and Australian writer and journalist Anne Summers.

“Josephine Linden is coming, Cathryn Carver who’s the global head of markets for ANZ living in Hong Kong, we have the former press secretary to Senator Hilary Clinton, Nina Blackwell ... she’s now head of public affairs for Yahoo! in Silicon Valley. We have extraordinary people,” says Maiorano.

The summit, which Maiorano describes as a “great networking opportunity”, will be held from 7 - 8 March at the Opera House in Sydney.

Published on: Thursday, February 17, 2011

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