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I want to invest in a social media strategy

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I have a successful home-based business and want to take it to the next level, so I can move it out of home. I am pretty good at conventional marketing, which has brought good results but I want to invest in a social media strategy. What do you think? How would you go about it?

I think you are heading in the right direction and investing in social media makes perfect sense. I would read everything I can about the strategies that work and what businesses have really been helped by it. I would get some consultants to give you an assessment of what you need and what it would cost. I know of someone who built up a fund business by employing an in-house social media marketing expert who ensured he was on twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and YouTube. He did free TV appearances and then built up a website linked to YouTube and his growth was spectacular. Be careful of how much you spend, but also don’t be a tightwad if you think it can make a big difference to your end-results. Simply do a cash flow analysis of what the expense might mean, and if you can’t do it, get an accountant to help you. Good luck and get tweeting!

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