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A twenty-something Brisbane entrepreneur is achieving personal business success while at the same time acting as a role model for a generation of indigenous people.

Running her own boutique coaching and corporate solutions firm, Deadly Life & Business Solutions, Rose credits the help of a business coach for the real transformation of Deadly Life.

“Business coaching has changed the energy in my business. With a business coach, there is an air of excitement, anticipation and a vision beyond your current circumstances. They inspire you to be your best and they encourage you when you wonder whether you can achieve your goals.” She says a coach can act as a corporate cheerleader.

“I like to see my business coach as a person cheering from the sidelines at a game of football. You are a player on the field and you are running as fast as you can towards the try line, you are dodging tackles left, right and centre, and your business coach is on the sidelines shouting words of encouragement.” She encourages all business owners to get a coach or mentor.

“Business is not straightforward. There are a lot of perspectives that need to be considered, and sometimes as a business owner you need someone from the outside looking in.” Her only regret is not getting a coach sooner.

“I (should) have worked with a coach from the commencement phase. I’m not sure why I waited so long ... Without a business mentor or coach you will find you will lose momentum and become disappointed from time to time.”

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Published on: Wednesday, May 26, 2010

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