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Political squabbling another example of Australia’s leadership vacuum

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Canberra is seeing its fair share of turmoil and trouble at the moment, with overturned former PM Kevin Rudd offering a potential challenge to Prime Minister Julia Gillard for the top job. But regardless of the outcome, Leadership Management Australasia (LMA) says the political squabbling says more about the dire state of leadership in this country than anything else.

The organisation, which has 40 years’ experience in training and developing leaders, says the leadership debate shines a strong spotlight on the nation’s leadership skills vacuum.

“There is a gaping hole in the calibre of leadership across the nation that threatens to undermine our productivity and permanently damage our confidence,” says LMA CEO Andrew Henderson.

“There has been a major erosion of confidence in our leaders,“ he says. “We need to rebuild and rejuvenate our leadership capability and skills to make the most of our enviable position in the world community.

“Given the backdrop of an uncertain European economic climate and the enormous opportunities available in Australia, confidence in our leaders at all levels has never been more important.”

LMA says leadership is not just about management; it also involves building trust and engaging with people to communicate, persuade and encourage a vision.

Henderson says successful leaders are able to do the following:

  • Create a vision which others can believe in
  • Are true to the organisation’s values
  • Create a culture that attracts, engages and empowers the best people
  • Know that developing leaders at all levels is essential for sustainability and growth.

“Clearly we’re not seeing enough of this calibre of leadership in the public or private sector,” says Henderson. “People at all levels are looking for quality leaders they can trust.

“The unrest in Canberra, combined with recent news of major job losses, serve as a timely reminder of the fundamental importance of building leadership potential and capability. Only through quality leadership can our nation hope to deal with the challenges, and capitalise on the opportunities, that surround us,” he says.

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Published on: Friday, February 24, 2012

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