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It’s a big business mistake to get too preoccupied with the obstacles from governments, central banks and the economy generally. If you don’t believe me, look at Apple’s latest results.

Clearly, past actions of the Gillard Government and the Reserve Bank have put the frighteners on consumers and business. They haven’t been helped by the debt stupidity preoccupying the EU.

Apple has consistently delivered the goods to its shareholders, despite other businesses stumbling. So, what gives with Apple?

The company’s leadership is exceptional, following on from the late Steve Jobs’ time as CEO. The company doesn’t suffer from what Brit Patrick Dixon, futurist and the author of Futurewise, says is “business blindness”.

Last year, I heard him at a conference for real estate agents where he noted that 10,000 had left the industry in recent times. He predicted that most industries will be challenged by the hi-tech as well as digital age, and being stuck in the past while ignoring the future equals folly.

“We’re in the first hour of the digital age and the first 10 minutes of social networking,” he warns. He insists it’s risky to ignore what’s happening ahead because it’s not easy to deal with shocks. Just ask the boss of Borders or any business selling products that can be flogged online.

Big developments now that are set to explode are smartphones and the use of video on the internet.

“You can create a YouTube strategy at virtually zero cost,” Dixon says. “And tribalism is the most important weapon against competition and the Internet.”

He says you have to build up a tribe of supporters for your business and video, social networking, being digitally savvy is something you can’t ignore.

The internet-age has seen product reviews by other customers – perfect strangers – become critical in many consumers’ buying strategies.

Dixon says in Italy by 2026 there will be over one million women over 90 years of age and they’ll influence businesses and even elections.

Most of us would not have seen this coming and that’s why bleating about the past could be a distraction from the main game — knowing what’s coming.

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Published on: Thursday, April 26, 2012

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