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No standing on the superhighway

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If you’re a small businesses and you’re not up to speed with e-commerce you could left at the bus stop on the information superhighway and it could prove a costly mistake.

Let me put a few questions to you: as a small business, are you suspicious of e-commerce and as a result do you fail to understand the relevance and potential of the IT revolution?

Small and medium-sized businesses generally doubt the technology as a source of sales and cost-savings and this can help to explain the sector's slowness to move into websites and online selling.

Industry experts argue e-business is under-hyped and business owners who fail to explore its potential will miss out on customers, sales and cost savings.

Clearly, e-commerce is here to stay and is set to grow.

In fact, much of that growth has been driven by Internet-related companies, purely on the potential of the net and their advanced positioning to cash in on the inevitable success of business online.

Business on the net worldwide tallies up billions of dollars and is exponentially increasing.

One of the earliest and most popular uses of the net for e-business was's book sales - now it's a major force in the publishing game.
American businesses are more committed to e-commerce, with the majority of all investment in business equipment was IT-linked.

Companies are using the net to update a product catalogue, communicate with suppliers and distributors or survey customers.

The writing is on the wall and you don't have to turn on a computer or surf the net to see it.

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Published on: Monday, February 15, 2010

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