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May the leadership force be with you

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Success is a function of two major forces. The first is the most important and it is all about what’s inside you. And the second is external to you, like rising interest rates and global economic meltdowns.

Clearly, the better you are in being control of the first force, that is the internal one, the more likely you will successfully deal with the external one.

For example, if you are negative type, which is a shocking characteristic to deal with especially if you are in business for yourself, and then you hear so-called business gurus proclaim that the economy is bad, you are starting from a position of a double negative.

Do the maths

Now I know in mathematics, a negatives times a negative is a positive, but remember if you add a negative to another negative you wind up with a bigger negative!

Tom Hopkins, the US sales expert, advises the thousands who flock to his lectures each year that they have to put the past behind them and be positive to be a success.

Some time back (before the dreaded GFC), my painter was sanding away in the hot afternoon sun. He was covered in dust and had been sanding for four days. Kicking off some chit chat, I asked him what he planned to do next year if the economy slowed down? (Note, I did not say “go into a recession” like some others.)

His answer astounded me. “I’m going to get more aggressive with my marketing,” was his reply. He said he was a fan of US business innovator, Jay Abraham. He learnt from him the value of working his list of existing customers. He was asking for testimonials from clients and was set to try some direct mailing into regions he had not worked before.

There was no sign of negativity. In fact, he said he saw any economic downturn as an opportunity to work harder to improve his customer lists.

Feel good, do good

I was invited once to a rev-up session ahead of the arrival of motivation guru, Anthony Robbins, when he hit Sydney.

Now I have to say I can’t help being a bit cynical about some of the messages and hype that some speakers go on with, but I will never argue that they do not create positive vibes in the people they talk to and they definitely give good advice on doing what is needed to be successful.

Not everyone who goes to these guys goes out and become millionaires, but if that’s what you want, being positively charged has to be the compulsory starting point.

The most important message I get from these people is that if you want to succeed you have to do things right. You can’t be slack at debt collection, eat badly, get smashed every night and not be eternally trying to learn how to live your life, and run your business life, better and better.

Hopkins, or someone like him, has said something like this — find out what you want, find out what its price is and then pay the price.

Success seldom comes cheaply.

One leadership expert who knows success is John Maxwell – I’m speaking with him next week in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, so if you’re in need of some leadership guidance, put it in your diary as a not-to-miss event! For more details, click here.

Published on: Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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