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Unleash the power within. This is fantastic advice for anyone, let alone small business owners who invariably are over-worked and under-relaxed.

Our best athletes have learnt the value of motivation and anyone who doesn’t bend over backwards to get some power-finding words is an absolute nut.

I once heard Deepak Chopra tell Larry King on CNN that most of us use less than 10% of our brain’s total capacity, and though I can’t vouch for the calibre of the grey matter ‘fact’, we all know that we often under-perform.

Need an example? Try when your loved one is trying to explain something she saw in the garden just as some fool referee disallows a try, sends off one of your players and rules a penalty in front of the posts, at 10 all with 10 seconds to go!

You’re not listening and you are under-performing. What about remembering where you left your keys?

Guys like American, Kevin Trudeau, tell us we can improve our memories and that we don’t use our brain for memory very effectively.
Anthony Robbins, the man who made ‘unleash the power within’ famous, or at least valuable, has built up a multi-billion dollar business by selling people a motivation message.

At home, we have our own special brand of motivators with guys like Alan Jones and a long list of others regularly booked to encourage conference attendees to greater heights in both business and life.
All too often, the motivators tell you that it is difficult to separate your life from your business.

One motivator who runs a damn good business is ex-swimming coach and top bloke — Laurie Lawrence. For those who don’t know Laurie, he coached great swimmers such as Stephen Holland and Duncan Armstrong, along with Olympic swimming squads, but he is famous for jumping in the pool after Armstrong took gold at the 1996 Games.

Now Laurie is not just a great coach, but is also a sensational speaker with his non-stop mouth attracting over a half million dollars a year easily. (This guess, unlike Laurie, is conservative.)
I saw him some time ago and he brought tears to my eyes, made me laugh and  made me want to try harder. Sitting on a plane beside him, he asked me how my sons were going and I told him that my oldest was playing rugby for Easts.

He showed a lot of interest and gave a me a book for him, signed and wrote some words of encouragement. The book told me that Lawrence had played rugby for Queensland and had also played for Australia, but he didn’t get a Test run on as there was a pretty good New South Wales halfback called Ken Catchpole. It also told me that he only had one lung from childhood.

When I got home I gave my son the book. He felt honoured, but I didn’t know if he had read the book. When Lawrence launched his next book, Five Ring Fever: Winning is Contagious, he invited me to the launch, but I was booked doing a GST gig.

That night my son came home from training and told me that the then first grade coach at Easts, Brian Smith, had brought Lawrence down to the club to talk to the players.

My son said two memorable things about the Lawrence. One was that he was “mad” and secondly that he was a “legend”.

He said something else. “If you had that sort of thing said to you before every game, how well would you play?”

We can’t get Lawrence to talk to us everyday in business and life but we should search for positive people and messages to ensure we unleash the power within. A good start would be to buy his book.

Published on: Tuesday, June 16, 2009

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