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Business winners share their secrets

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Need to grow, but not sure how? Peter Switzer offers 350 sure-fire ways to grow your business.

One of the crucial characteristics of being in business is leadership. This is not simply leadership of others, but leadership of self.

Thomas Watson, IBM’s former chair, once said, “Nothing so conclusively proves a man’s ability to lead others as what he does day to day to lead himself.”

So how do you lead yourself?

Leadership can be lonely and it’s often easy to lose your motivation. To be a good leader, you need to read about, develop and apply leadership skills; you need to be inspired, or perhaps re-inspired, by those who have gone before you. There is little point in reinventing the wheel – there is, however, great value in learning how to use the wheel to your advantage.

In the recently revised edition of 350 Ways To Grow Your Business award-winning author and business expert Peter Switzer offers assistance to business leaders from business leaders.

Including inspiring stories such as Harris Farm markets, Gloria Jean’s Coffees, SumoSalad and Wild Child, Switzer shares the lessons and experiences that have helped these entrepreneurs reach the top, and shows you how to apply them to your business.

“Anyone who has flown solo in business without the safety net of full-time employment knows how lonely and downright scary business can be,” writes Switzer. “That’s why everyone always likes to read the experiences of other successful business owners. It’s a shared experience and it is always a learning experience.”

He acknowledges that when running a business it is difficult to find the time to learn, to read, and to improve both yourself and your business. Finding inspiration is also often hard, especially when faced with a list of daily tasks that seems to have no end. To combat this, he has collected 50 stories of successful businesses, aimed to both inspire and instruct.

“Many of the proprietors in these stores have been small business award winners, while others should be, as they have succeeded in the most important arena – the court of customer satisfaction,” writes Switzer.

“The intention was not to get bogged down in long raves and analyses of a few very good businesses, but instead to take you on a whirlwind trip through lots of winning businesses so you can draw out the essence of small business success.”

The experiences and the industries he places under the spotlight are many and varied – including brand guru and strategic visionary, Virgin’s Richard Branson, and Boost Juice’s Janine Allis, among many others.

“The messages are surprisingly repetitive, and anyone hell-bent on constructing a great business will gradually see and learn from these over the course of this book,” writes Switzer.

Covering everything from business planning to best practice; systems to serving big customers, and great growers to those who are green and ethical, this book is the key to unlocking both your and your business’s potential.

Switzer’s straightforward, no-nonsense style makes 350 Ways to Grow Your Business not only easy to understand, but easy to apply these strategies to your daily business practice.

Indispensable reading, this book will help you turn your business dreams into an achievable reality.

The revised edition of 350 Ways to Grow Your Business is now available here ...

Published on: Friday, November 28, 2008

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