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You’ve heard the term Bluetooth, but how does it relate to your business? Read on for Bluetooth products that will help you do business better.

Bluetooth wireless technology has transformed electronics in the past decade with its wireless technology that enables devices to communicate with each other. But how can on-the-move professionals put Bluetooth devices to work?

Mobile computing

While smartphone devices have revolutionised mobile technology, their screens are far too small to work from for long periods of time. Similarly, today's smartphones have mini-keyboards for typing, although they often lack mouse controls required to interact with some business applications. The REDFLY smartphone terminal ( – available in models C7 and C8N) is a Bluetooth device that provides a solution to these problems. This paperback-sized device with display and keyboard connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone, providing a more usable interface environment for interacting with applications running on a smartphone.

Hands-free communication

Hands-free Bluetooth devices can improve your efficiency in many different ways. The solar-powered, SUN headset by Iqua (, converts light into power, which means you won’t need to continually recharge its battery. While it's not the most compact headset on the market (due to the built-in, mini solar panel), the eco-friendly SUN claims to get nine hours of talk time.

Another category experiencing dramatic growth is hands-free Bluetooth speakerphones. As the law prohibits drivers from engaging in handheld calls, Bluetooth speakerphones allow mobile professionals to continue conducting business on the road legally. The LG HFB-500 Bluetooth car kit, another solar-powered device, doesn’t require your phone to be attached to a speaker or won’t drain your Bluetooth headset's battery.

Wireless audio and video

Workers who spend much of their time on the move to new destinations can benefit from products that combine Bluetooth audio with Bluetooth GPS interfaces. The Garmin Nuvi 275T pocket-sized GPS device with Bluetooth connectivity is a handy personal travel assistant for work on the go. Motorola's T805 navigation system can also be paired with any Bluetooth-capable mobile phone to enable both spoken and visual turn-by-turn directions and maps.

Network access

An often overlooked, but particularly valuable, application for Bluetooth technology is its ability to allow mobile professionals get connected to the Internet. Most Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones can a be used as data modems, providing non-3G-enabled notebooks with access to Internet in locations that with limited, or no Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity.

There’s a limitless range of Bluetooth-capable devices available for your business. To learn more about Bluetooth applications and how Bluetooth connectivity can assist mobile workers be more productive, go to the Bluetooth product directory at



Published on: Saturday, June 12, 2010

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