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In an age where we’re all increasingly dependent on technology, departing the home or office for a trip brings a whole new level of ‘what have I left behind?’ anxiety. Leaving without all the chargers your gadgets require is a frustration many people have suffered at some stage. That feeling of helplessness trying to find a replacement for sale in an unfamiliar environment leads to thinking that there must be a better solution.

Universal chargers can help relieve some of your power problems. These multipurpose adaptors and chargers are developed by a variety of companies. One leading manufacturer, Mobility Electronics, leverage patented tip technology to allow one adaptor to charge multiple devices through interchangeable tips in their iGo products. Users are able to charge hundreds of brands and models of mobile electronic devices by switching the tips.

The compact all-in-one iGo everywhere AC/DC adaptor allows users to charge nearly all low-power mobile electronic devices from any standard wall or auto outlet. Using the included extras, the device can recharge popular gadgets such as an iPhone or an iPod Nano, as well as a number of laptop models. It includes a retractable cord and convenient travel case for those in need of power on the go.

When it comes to charging high powered devices, the iGo everywhere130 universal notebook adaptor comes with a dual-power accessory that allows users to charge a notebook plus a low power device, such as a mobile phone or Bluetooth headset, at the same time.

Despite the obvious benefits, all-in-one chargers encounter similar challenges as ‘universal’ remote controls. Where standard chargers are generally plug n’ power operations, iGo products need eight different ‘power tips’ just to connect to most current laptops. While perhaps not an issue for the tech savvy, it can lead to confusion about whether a universal charger will work with a given device.

For universal power adaptors to be a more attractive technology the leading technology manufacturers would need to standardise the power supplies in their products. It is arguable whether or not this would be in their interest given most make a tidy profit from selling power chargers themselves.

Ultimately, it appears the best shot at making universal chargers a more viable technology is through standardisation and the proliferation of a miniature version of the USB plug that connects most gadgets to computers and can also deliver power to those same devices.

Until then the iGo universal adaptors are still worth considering if you’re looking to free up some space in your luggage. Visit for prices and to purchase online. 

Published on: Wednesday, April 07, 2010

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