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Review: Blackberry Bold 9000

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In recent years the BlackBerry has come to be regarded as a powerful tool used by business people all over the world. The new BlackBerry Bold 9000 is the first step by its developer, Research in Motion (RIM), to appeal to the broader mobile phone market.

While the Bold retains all the features that have made BlackBerry so popular with the business user, it has added a number of compelling lifestyle extras. The most noticeable upgrade is the impressively vibrant screen, which combined with a possible 32 gigabytes (GB) of memory, makes the Bold BlackBerry’s first device to rival its competitors as a media player in the smartphone market. The new 3G data connectivity and updated web browser at last makes BlackBerry web browsing an worthwhile feature.

The Bold comes with a new version of the BlackBerry operating system that brings a sleek new look to the user interface. While there has been some disappointment about a lack of touch screens and other nifty features found in products like the iPhone, BlackBerry has chosen to retain the feeling of reliability that its business users require and has also added innovations that make the Bold a viable option for an everyday smartphone user.

Unlike the BlackBerry, Apple computers have never been regarded as a popular option for mainstream business users. This perception is not likely to change overnight, but a number of respect IT journalists have gone on record to say the new MacBook may be the first time that an Apple laptop will gain the legitimate tag of a business notebook. 

The new MacBook laptop uses enclosures crafted from aluminium. According to Apple, the ‘unibody’ design makes the notebooks stronger and allows them to be thinner than previous models.

The new edition MacBooks are the first notebooks of any kind to include a mini display-port for connecting an external monitor. There have been other innovations, such as the multi-touch technology seen in the iPhone. Apple also claim the new notebooks consume 30 per cent less power than their predecessors.

Apple may not market it this way, but the new MacBook is definitely taking aim at the Windows notebook makers and their enterprise clients.

The Sony B-Series Walkman isn’t a groundbreaking device, but it’s noteworthy.

The ‘plug and play’ style of the B-Series allows users to plug the device straight into a computer through a USB slot. That’s a big hassle relieved since no extra cables are needed.

The Sony device comes in a 1GB model at only $49 and a 2GB model that costs $69. The Sony B-Series Walkman is compatible with both PCs and Macs. The B-Series is a great device for those who want a straightforward MP3 player without all the bells and whistles of higher end devices. 

Published on: Wednesday, January 13, 2010

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