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Tips to deal with clients before bad debt burdens
Anyone who has ever had a troublesome customer who's tardy with an invoice payment, or who simply refuses to cough up the dough, knows the pain it can cause to your business’ cash flow and general profitability. Enter Col... read more >

How do you make money?

22 June 2012 - It’s one of the most important things for making a business run. Here are some tips on how you can build your... read more >

Big tax mistakes in small business

30 April 2012 - In business, as in many aspects of life, timing can be everything. And experience suggests that where small... read more >

The five C’s of credit management

16 April 2012 - It’s no secret businesses are doing it tough, with many challenged by bad debt and cash flow management. So... read more >

SMEs suffer a cash flow crunch

26 March 2012 - Every business knows cash is king and for many Australian small- and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) cash flow issues... read more >

Tips to deal with clients before bad debt burdens

20 February 2012 - Anyone who has ever had a troublesome customer who's tardy with an invoice payment, or who simply refuses to cough up... read more >

Five steps to improve your small business cash flow in 2012

02 February 2012 - 2012 is the year of the dragon, widely considered to be a very successful one for those in business. But be warned:... read more >

Businesses taking longer than normal to pay bills

13 December 2011 - Australian businesses are slower to pay their bills, with a new study revealing more than two-thirds fail to settle... read more >

Why cash flow concerns will trump Christmas cheer

26 October 2011 - The worst is not over yet for the small business sector, according to the latest research from MYOB. In the latest... read more >

Six tips to attract investor support: ingogo

24 October 2011 - A market to mine? Check. A killer idea? Check. The time and energy to build a business? Check. You might have ticked... read more >

How unproductive work is costing business $109 billion

18 October 2011 - Facebook isn’t solely to blame for a lack of productivity in Australian businesses. According to a new survey... read more >

SMEs want a simplified BAS: MYOB

21 September 2011 - Tax rules and protocol bring up a world of hurt for many business owners. MYOB’s new research, however, ... read more >

How better business reporting can boost capital investment interest

13 September 2011 - How well do you position your business and its performance to your key investors? KPMG recently sought to determine... read more >

27 debt rules

15 August 2011 - Here are some initial tips to help you with a problem payer: 1. Know all details about a debtor. 2. Approach a debtor... read more >

Seven tools to improve your cash flow

28 July 2011 - You may be a master of your trade, but if you don’t keep up to speed with your financial management,... read more >

Cashing in on the new financial year

01 July 2011 - Happy new financial year small business owners! Unlike the New Years in January, however, it’s likely you... read more >

A taxing trade – getting the right advice onboard

17 May 2011 - Most business owners want to grow their business, but many just don’t know how to go about doing it. Finding... read more >

The budget’s small business offering

12 May 2011 - People like me — media commentators — can’t help ourselves. We like to find a hook to effectively... read more >

Money, money, money: 13 cash flow tips for your business

17 March 2011 - Cash flow, as most business owners know, is king. Becoming an expert on cash flow is important for growing a healthy... read more >

Give your business an accounting health check

04 March 2011 - Accounting can often be the bane of many a business owner. And, while it’s necessary, if using outdated or... read more >

Cash flow – Switzer’s guide to getting it right

01 February 2011 - We all need day-to-day money for running the business. Even as we move towards a cashless society, any business keen... read more >

Sell it like you mean it

31 January 2011 - Business champion and US sales guru Jack Daly is big hit on the international speaking circuit and has cemented a... read more >

Cash converters

13 January 2011 - Business owners – what you are about to read is some of the most important information you need to know when... read more >

Common business tax registrations and their applications

28 September 2010 - Business tax is a complicated area for many businesses and yet it is an area that businesses simply can’t... read more >

Cash flow – is it bugging you?

02 August 2010 - Cash flow is the most important aspect of business, albeit, one of the hardest to control. According to Peter Arnold,... read more >

The road to business stability – nine tips for budgeting success

30 July 2010 - Budgeting, in the current economic climate of looming interest rate rises and inflation, is pertinent to financial... read more >

Poor cash flow management is a business’ death sentence

24 June 2010 - One of the greatest business lessons I learnt along my journey of talking to the best in business and actually... read more >

Business tips for the end of the financial year

18 June 2010 - Is your business on track for the end of the financial year? Here are some tips to ensure your business is prepared.... read more >

Cash flow made simple – steps to keep your business in the black

10 June 2010 - Poorly-managed cash flow has brought many good businesses down. So how can you stop yourself becoming another... read more >

Cash flow – tips and tricks

01 June 2010 - A remote farm in regional Western Australia has developed a formidable export business after daring to be different.... read more >

Master of the web, cash slave

28 May 2010 - Steven Smith describes himself as an “accidental business owner”. A former teacher turned IT educator,... read more >

The cost of growth

25 May 2010 - Susie Loudon’s business, The Bay Tree, a high-end kitchen and tableware retailer, isn’t like the average... read more >

Show me the money... please?

20 May 2010 - Every business at some time experiences a customer who is either a slow payer, or worse still, refuses to pay at all.... read more >

How to cope with a cash flow crisis

18 May 2010 - In tough times, it’s tempting to trim costs – but be careful not to cut too heavily. You should also... read more >

Cash flow – tips and traps

12 May 2010 - A growing business is likely to cause a dent in your cash flow, but careful money management will help you trim the... read more >

Dollars and sense – Switzer’s tips for healthy cash flow

11 May 2010 - When it comes to business cash flow, business owners need to arm themselves with the right information and advice and... read more >

19 steps for cash flow success

06 May 2010 - Develop a cash flow projection. Ensure you monitor and update it regularly. Have a credit policy stated clearly on... read more >

Debt collection made easy for your business

04 May 2010 - Every business at some time experiences a customer who is either a slow payer, or worse still, refuses to pay at all.... read more >

How to aim high

30 April 2010 - The masters of growing businesses seldom disagree that the starting point for any great business is to begin with a... read more >

7 steps to get more cash in the door

21 April 2010 - Headaches and hiccups in business are almost always related to cash flow. Or, more accurately, a lack of it! The... read more >

How to boost your businesses bottom line

13 April 2010 - When you’re running your own show, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the day-to-day trivia.... read more >

Insurance for home-based business

16 March 2010 - Consumers and business owners be warned. It seems there are insurance brokers who can do what they are paid to do... read more >

Get set for growth

10 March 2010 - With signs that the global financial crisis is over and the Australian economy forecast to grow strongly in 2010,... read more >

How to steer clear of scams

12 January 2010 - Let me tell you a story that I recall happening a few years back. It was a sick joke, or more accurately, an... read more >

Fuel the financial flow

17 December 2009 -  A leading debt agency has warned small business owners that a Christmas cash crisis is on the way and he... read more >

Is it deductible?

16 October 2009 - Many accountants say that small business owners are often flying blind about important tax deductions. And remember... read more >

What’s the lesson from the Big Mac?

31 August 2009 - A few years ago it became apparent that all was not well in the land of fast-food giant McDonald's. In the US, the... read more >

Reduce the risk

28 August 2009 - I know this may sound wacky, but it's a problem that we don't live some part of our small business lives similar to... read more >

Risky Business

12 August 2009 - There are many things you need to do to protect yourself and your business. It's hard to believe but there are many... read more >

Show me the money!

03 August 2009 - Bad debts can bring a good business down, so be sure to have a good support system when calling to collect. Cash flow... read more >

Government assistance

07 July 2009 - It is one of the oldest clichés in small business but it is one of the most misunderstood. It says one of the... read more >

A taxing issue

28 June 2009 - A mate of mine is a big business traveller and he and his wife own a private company. And because of the tax... read more >

How to trim your costs

28 June 2009 - Imagine reading a headline that says "Cut your costs by 50 per cent or more!” That would suck in nearly... read more >

Improve your cash flow

28 June 2009 - Need to get more cash in the door? Peter Switzer shares some simple steps to improve your business’s cash... read more >

Access to cash

23 June 2009 - The tide might be turning for small businesses looking for money with the big banks more forthright and even more... read more >

US misses goal

19 February 2009 - As the football season looms, last Wednesday’s early morning disappointment starring Obama’s high profile... read more >

Seek and you shall find

28 June 2008 - The biggest mistake made by outsiders or critics of financial planning is the view that the chief job of an adviser... read more >

Company of experts

21 February 2008 - It’s times like these when share prices are sliding and interest rates are rising and expected to hit into... read more >

Fasten your seat belt

05 December 2007 - These are challenging times for investors and wealth builders with stock markets heading south more times than north... read more >

Market moves

01 March 2007 - Hate to say I told you so, but I did suggest in an earlier newsletter this year that we should expect a correction of... read more >

Long investing

01 November 2006 - The average Australian is kissing goodbye to a minimum of half a million dollars in retirement by simply living with... read more >

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