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Low-cost marketing to make the cash register go ‘ting’

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Marketing your business properly is crucial to getting customers and clients through the front door. There are a range of effective ways you can market your business without breaking the budget.

Businesses, like human beings, generally strive to be noticed. When a business pursues the public, it is called marketing. However, when a person does it, it’s called showing off.

Every business needs to show off, but the expected high cost of getting your name out there often turns off many good operations.

I was in Broken Hill a while back talking to the town’s leaders and small business owners about what they could do to bring people, (and therefore dollars), to the city.

I learnt they could not turn Broken Hill into another Las Vegas because Star City apparently has a monopoly. On the other hand, they are licensed to play two up – the town is famous (or is it infamous) for this pastime.

But the bottom line for Broken Hill, like all businesses, is that you have to tell the market. I told the town that I had never seen an ad for that in the city. I had not seen people wearing “I went down the mine in Broken Hill” T-shirts, etc.

The simplest explanation of marketing that I have ever seen pointed out that the word marketing is made up of ‘market’ and ‘ting’. When you know your market, and then effectively inform that market, the cash register will make the sound of ‘ting!’.

Oh yes, marketing does not have to break the bank.

The following methods are cheapish: telemarketing, direct mail, internet marketing, fax marketing, mail drops, the Yellow Pages, getting into directories, networking, human walking signs, fridge magnets, other promotional materials, noticeboards, combined offers with other businesses, sponsorships, handing out leaflets, sample giveaways, etc. I could go on.

The crucial questions are: How many of these have you tried? And did you measure how each one went?

Clearly, you can add other forms of marketing such as advertising in great local papers, or superb radio stations but the big issue is don’t stop showing off.

And finally, when the customers do arrive, give them a memorable experience. It will ensure that you will get repeat business. Best of all, they will go away and do marketing for you for the lowest price in town – absolutely nothing.

  • Constantly market your business by getting your name our there.
  • Use a variety of methods to market your business.
  • Make sure your customers get the best service possible. Word-of-mouth referrals are one of the best forms of marketing.
  • ‘Show off’ as much as you can.

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Published on: Monday, January 23, 2012

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