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Four marketing tips from the Boost success story

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Janine and Jeff Allis are the master team when it comes to marketing and communications strategies. They are do-it-yourself types but they both came to their fruit juice business, Boost, with the right training to stand out from the crowd.

So what marketing tips can you take away from the Boost success story?

  1. Put yourself in the position of a customer and see what they see when they approach and deal with your business. Then create a channel for good feedback and make sure you reply to emails whether they are good or bad to read.
  2. Create something such as a Customer Club but give it a really catchy name such as a Vibe Club. Use to give customers great stuff – games, freebies, cool information, etc. Make a place of friendly contact that makes your customers and potential customers smile. This can be a great business and brand builder. There is another pay off – you end up with a great database that you can market to.
  3. Think of games or giveaways that can be used in the media that leads to mass word-of-mouth advertising by customers who become captivated by the promotion. These kinds of initiatives can be launched in local newspapers, on community bulletin boards but you must come up with something unique that creates a groundswell of interest in the community.
  4. Think big and the cost could be completely dwarfed by the market reaction. Boost gave away an entire franchise and the radio station that carried the promotion did an enormous amount of ‘free’ advertising for the company.

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Published on: Thursday, March 01, 2012

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