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Nine tips for branding

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Branding is, first and foremost, the most important aspect of customer relations and marketing. Your business is your brand; your brand your business. To further develop your brand and strengthen its reputation to current and future customers, here are nine tips.

1. Develop a mission statement to share with your business’ customers and stakeholders. This should be simple, yet reflect the overall purpose of your brand and any critical values.  

2. Could a tagline or slogan make your business memorable or clarify what your business does? Make it snappy, original and something that will stick.  

3. Be creative with how you get your brand out there. For example, if your employees wear a uniform, is there the possibility of displaying a logo on it? 

4. Keep all replications of your logo consistent, whether it be displayed on stationery, the website, brochures or products. Branding all material in a uniform way keeps your brand streamlined and instantly recognisable.  

5. Maximise exposure of any product releases or newsworthy events in your business. Write and post important press releases to the media or on your website. However, don’t inundate the media with trivial information, otherwise journalists won’t take notice when the important press releases are received.  

6. Position yourself, or your business, as an expert in the field or your specific industry. When possible, speak, write, present and even teach – get your expertise out there and known.  

7. Investigate your competitors and determine what your competitive advantage is. Then, use this point of difference as the main selling point in your branding. Flag what you do better and how on all marketing material, such as newsletters or brochures.  

8. Get involved in the community. For example, sponsor local charities or events and see whether you can display your branding as a sponsor in the program or in the press surrounding the event. Being an active member of the community will also build your reputation as a caring and giving business.  

9. Position yourself online and provide informative and helpful information related to your industry and expertise at no cost. And, give your customers a reason to revisit by posting new information regularly. Providing this value-add to your customers will do wonders for the business’ overall branding.

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Published on: Tuesday, November 16, 2010

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