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Email marketing to bolster your reach

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Email marketing, in an increasingly online-oriented business world, can be highly effective in reaching your current – and prospective – customer base. Due to the internet’s universal appeal, it doesn’t restrict access to certain demographics, such as household income, age or even location.

Consider sending email marketing campaigns or an online newsletter as an alternative means of marketing for your business’ next marketing campaign. The benefits are proven. According to the Pew Research Center in the US, 94 per cent of internet users send or read e-mail daily. Eighty-one per cent of internet users look for information online about services or products they are interested in. The stats speak for themselves – the internet is becoming an increasingly consumer driven market.

To increase the success rate of your email marketing, use these handy tips.  

1. Provide solutions

Why are you emailing your customers? Is it to inform them of a promotion, increase website traffic or strengthen sales? Whatever the reason, email marketing campaigns need to provide a reason for the customer to click-through. Have a close look at the content of marketing campaigns and determine whether you are giving the customer what they ‘need’ or, in other words, what entices them to select your email and click that mouse.

2. Invest in software

Once you have the content and design down-pat, it’s high time to send. And, while punching the ‘send’ button repeatedly or cc’ing hundreds and thousands of customers might seem like a piece of cake, tracking the effectiveness or scheduling delivery ahead of time is a little more than standard Outlook software can handle.

Enlist the help of email marketing software to streamline the process, among other features, including newsletter templates, subscriber list management and open and click tracking. Software programs such as MailChimp (insert website) or Campaign Monitor (insert website) offer an easy user interface and comprehensive tracking features at a reasonable price to ensure email marketing is effective and measurable – without the headache.

3. Ensure high deliverability

The single most important thing in email marketing is to avoid that junk mail box. The first step in maintaining a high deliverability rate is to configure your email server correctly. Look at your IP address and host name – it should say ‘’, not a string of numbers.

Secondly, monitor the content of your email and avoid using an excessive amount of capital letters and exclamation marks. These telltale signs are usually indicative of spam – and the last thing your company needs is to be associated with an illegal muscle relaxant ring.

Finally, keep tabs on your subscriber list and eliminate all emails that bounce. Servers keep track of failed delivery attempts and if too many occur, your email address will be blacklisted on the server level, meaning that all attempts to that domain or ISP will not get through.

Most importantly, use email marketing as a way to connect with your customer. Create a relationship and maintain it outside of the traditional means of interaction. By fostering a repeat, and long-term, customer base, your business will be for the richer – thanks, in part, to your email marketing.

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Published on: Tuesday, September 14, 2010

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