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101 ways to make money – a small business odyssey

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Television is sometimes much maligned as being exploitive, but here’s a case in which Brisbane’s Channel Ten newsroom proved the converse. The program launched its own exploit into job creation.

This not only helped people find jobs and business opportunities for themselves, but the subsequent book that came out of the series was a great inspiration for many a budding business operator.

Alison Rose, the author of 101 Ways to Make Money, dreamed up the idea of doing a regular spot on Ten’s evening news to show people how, through resourcefulness, they could make money by creating businesses for themselves.

The common feature of the ‘jobs’ was the fact that little or no capital was needed to kick these businesses off. Over the time these programs went to air, some really unusual, but great ideas, surfaced.

For example there was:
•    A gravestone cleaner
•    A microwave oven teacher
•    A big-bra maker
•    A chicken manure collector.

There was even the case of a guy who had trained his dog to get the cans and pick up the newspaper and was so inspired by the show he pushed his pooch into pet modelling!

After 12 months of this wild and wacky stuff, Alison knew there was a book in it and so 101 Ways to Make Money was born.

The book looks at a varied range of possible home-based to small businesses under the headings of:
•    Plants/green services
•    Selling and renting
•    Party/entertainment/leisure services
•    Collecting, clearing, food preparation
•    Pets, home and personal services
•    Crafts and innovations
•    Clothing and sewing.

Alison has done the legwork for you, looking up help agencies, rules, regulations, etc. for all states. She gives helpful tips to try to make the experience as painless as possible.

Despite all of this, the really great contribution from this book comes from the ideas which will inspire anyone who reads it.

Behind all great business successes is an idea that, with enthusiasm and commitment, transforms itself into a real achievement. This book not only provides 101 money-making ideas, but in the hands of many will breed bigger and better ideas.

Published on: Thursday, June 18, 2009

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