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Five easy tips to a successful recruitment campaign

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Recruiting can be difficult – how can you be sure you’re hiring the right person for the job when you’ve just met? And how can you predict they’ll mesh with your business’ current team dynamic. To assist in hiring the perfect fit, try these five tips.

1. Know what you want

When recruiting, know exactly what you are looking for. Reflect on the position and determine key qualities a candidate would need to possess. Then, discuss the role with others who will be closely working within the team. Ask them what they require in terms of support and assistance. By becoming intimately acquainted with the position and knowing your expectations, you’ll be better suited to assess how well an individual measures up.

Then, write a clear and thorough position description, defining the parameters and duties of the role, including any qualifications and skills required.

Once you have these nutted down, you’ll be better equipped to write the advertisement used in your recruiting, which will help in attracting the right people.

2. Get guidance

If you’re short on time or recruiting experience, don’t be afraid to seek help. Recruitment agencies know where to look and what to look for. Having them on board will help narrow the pool down to the truly exceptional candidates.

3. Make it a team decision

Consider interviewing candidates with another person in management. Allowing someone else into the process will make sure decisions are unbiased and based on what is best for the team and business, rather than personal preferences.

4. Structure the interview process

Develop a standard agenda across all interviews, so that you can compare answers to common questions.

And, when in the interview, take notes so that you can review and reflect immediately afterwards.

5. Act fast in response, measured in decisions

It’s a competitive environment and there are countless other organisations vying for the same qualified and proficient employees. Once you cast the net, ensure you act fast in responding to applications and interviews.

However, keep a clear mind when making recruiting decisions. Don’t pick the wrong person for the job just because the clock is ticking.

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Published on: Tuesday, December 14, 2010

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