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11 interview tips to find the perfect candidate

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  1. Work out who’ll be in the interview
  2. Conduct the interview in a quiet place
  3. Make sure you’re familiar with the resume/CV before the interview
  4. Prepare an information packet about your company and the position
  5. Show the person around the office before the interview as it can help them relax
  6. Explain the purpose of the interview and describe your follow-up process
  7. Give them a short run down of the job
  8. Ask them any questions you have about the resume and employment history
  9. Ask the questions you’ve prepared about the candidate’s experience, education, job skills and personal qualities
  10. Ask them if they’d like to ask any questions before they leave
  11. Finish the interview. Describe your process so they know what to expect next.

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Published on: Monday, August 24, 2009

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