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28 tips to attract the right staff

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Here are some tips:

  1. If you develop and encourage them, your staff can be an inspiration.
  2. Hire salespeople who really know clients or train them so they do.
  3. Train management and staff regularly: it is an investment for your business.
  4. Empowering your staff makes them feel they can make some decisions in the business and have a degree of ownership.
  5. You can’t expect to retain good staff unless you pay and/or reward them.
  6. Create a ‘family’ atmosphere to reduce staff turnover. Many people are happy working for others as long as they feel valued.
  7. Provide scope for staff equity to improve loyalty and commitment.
  8. Have regular training to teach your business systems.
  9. Delegate key management tasks so staff understand everyone’s role, including that of the principals. You can’t hold on to or do everything yourself in your business and the art of delegating is something that needs to be learned.
  10. Don’t use half-measures with training. If you can’t afford training in the early days then pass on as much information as you can to your staff. Then allocate part of your profits to training. It is always an investment in your business.
  11. Use a staff mentoring or buddy system to train up new with old staff. Never leave a new member of staff to fend for themselves.
  12. Integrate your staff cultures for better understanding and then better productivity. If you tell people what you expect from the start, putting your goals and objectives in your mission statement, as well as any internal policies in writing, and prominently display them in your business, you will be surprised how staff will support them.
  13. Incorporate enjoyment in your business. People want to enjoy their work and respond to a positive environment.
  14. Create an enjoyable workplace environment to keep staff – especially highly mobile, young high-fliers. This means having a bright, office with lots of light and an atmosphere conducive to enjoyment.
  15. Understand the importance of industrial relations and sensible dealings with key unions. You have certain legal responsibilities to your staff and the last thing you want is trouble with unions. Understand your legal obligations in the first place to avoid any conflict. Join an employers group to help you in this area.
  16. Employ the right people and if necessary seek help with employee recruitment.
  17. Try new things to keep staff enthusiastic.
  18. Write down an Innovation Plan and try to get their staff involved in idea production.
  19. Build a terrific relationship with your staff and lead from the front.
  20. Emphasis teamwork.
  21. Pay for the best people for the best results.
  22. Like and respect your workforce for the best results.
  23. Build your people around the business, not the reverse.
  24. Give profit incentives to staff. If they think you’re making huge profits and not rewarding them sufficiently they’ll leave you.
  25. Look for many ways to get the best out of your staff by learning about people management skills yourself.
  26. A mobile workforce with New Age communication technology gives strong national presence without the heavy cost of too much real property to maintain.
  27. When it comes to paying your staff, be fully aware of the state award and all its complexities.
  28. Aim for better dollar-per-hour work practices.

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Published on: Thursday, December 15, 2011

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