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Managing People

Bridging the generation gap: top 10 communication skills
Communication skills are some of the most integral skills needed to succeed in the workplace. For those in a leadership or management role, becoming an expert communicator is of the utmost importance in order to be able to moti... read more >

Why losing is the biggest motivator
It seems like something mums would say – that being a loser actually makes you a winner – but new research indicates that when someone is losing (or has lost), they’ll be even more motivated to come out on top... read more >

Bridging the generation gap: top 10 communication skills

27 January 2012 - Communication skills are some of the most integral skills needed to succeed in the workplace. For those in a... read more >

28 tips to attract the right staff

15 December 2011 - Here are some tips: If you develop and encourage them, your staff can be an inspiration. Hire salespeople who really... read more >

Skills shortage looms large, says Deloitte

14 November 2011 - Where is your next worker, asks Deloitte in its recent discussion paper urging businesses to think ahead and prepare... read more >

Why Gen Y aren’t the problem…

08 June 2011 - Gen Y has long been the brunt of workplace criticism. Labelled lazy, demanding and selfish, this generation are often... read more >

Best and fairest

10 May 2011 - Getting the right staff is one thing but then being able to keep them and keep them trained so they add value to your... read more >

Six steps to increase the stickiness of employee training sessions

03 March 2011 - Training employees can often eat into an organisation’s productivity. However, without successfully training... read more >

Regional bride wars

11 February 2011 - Regional weddings are big business – solid management strategies are key to keeping brides from becoming... read more >

Employee performance reviews – 11 tips to effective people management

15 December 2010 - To effectively manage your people, you need to be able to provide helpful and constructive feedback. While this... read more >

Five easy tips to a successful recruitment campaign

14 December 2010 - Recruiting can be difficult – how can you be sure you’re hiring the right person for the job when... read more >

Business systems are the key to consistency

31 August 2010 - Business systems, like billings and balance sheets, may seem the dullest subject you’ll encounter as a business... read more >

Business systems equal freedom

23 August 2010 - Business systems, whether they be comprehensive or a rough framework of business operations, are the key to escaping... read more >

A system a day keeps the Doctors okay

12 August 2010 - In business, the path to consistency is through systems – and in regional business, where population and target... read more >

Power to the people – building your business from the inside out

10 August 2010 - No matter what business you’re in, success boils down to one thing – your people. I’ve written... read more >

Three steps to motivating people through emotional intelligence

20 July 2010 - Motivating people can often be the hardest task for a business owner. “In motivating people, you’ve got... read more >

People management – 10 tips to giving constructive criticism

06 July 2010 - People management is an important human resources aspect of being a manager or business owner. Your staff will need... read more >

Training your people is the smart way to grow

05 July 2010 - Training ‘upgrades’ and encouraging personal development for staff once they can adequately complete... read more >

Managing people made easy

30 June 2010 - Managing people can be the hardest aspect of business ownership. Technology, balance sheets and budgets are things... read more >

Positives and negatives – the impact of outlook

17 June 2010 - How can people get the most out of themselves, employees and even loved ones? Terry Hawkins from People in Progress... read more >

Employers' checklist - 15 tips for success with staff

05 May 2010 - Keeping employees can prove tough for some businesses. And often the employer can’t work out why the turnover... read more >

How to support yourself

28 April 2010 - One of the greatest problems of home-based businesses is often a major issue for all small businesses, and... read more >

People power — take your business from good to great

16 April 2010 - If headlines are to be believed (mine included!), the good news continues as the Australian economy looks on the up.... read more >

How to find the right person for the job

09 April 2010 - With talk of a skills shortage and as unemployment steers clear of the double-digit figures predicted by the many... read more >

Keep them motivated — tips to keep staff on their toes

06 April 2010 - Ok, it’s time for a little honesty. I’m told it’s the best policy, so what better way to start?... read more >

People management – how to get HR right

15 March 2010 - People management or human resource management is a vital function for any organisation, large or small. This is... read more >

Don’t let secret Santa catch you out at Christmas

11 December 2009 - It’s the season to be merry but accountants, lawyers and debt experts warn it's the season to be wary with tax... read more >

Seven tips to keep employees on their toes

19 October 2009 - Do you find it hard to keep staff? Do you have staff you'd rather not keep? Motivating staff can help keep the ones... read more >

How to hire right

14 October 2009 - Looking for good staff can be a search for a needle in a haystack. And what’s worse, search methods are often... read more >

How to hire right

14 October 2009 - Looking for good staff can be a search for a needle in a haystack. And what’s worse, search methods are often... read more >

Harrassment - are you liable?

29 September 2009 - Sexual innuendo, pornographic pictures, leering and wolf-whistling all constitute sexual harassment. As an employer,... read more >

Gut feeling

17 September 2009 - Aldous Huxley would probably have called them social engineers, but human resources (HR) specialists is probably the... read more >

11 interview tips to find the perfect candidate

24 August 2009 - Work out who’ll be in the interview Conduct the interview in a quiet place Make sure you’re familiar... read more >

Employee treasure

12 August 2009 - Let me tell you a tale that every business owner should learn something from. Behind every strong and successful... read more >

Give them a go

04 August 2009 - Businesses facing labour shortages have been urged to hire more disabled people, and take advantage of workplace... read more >

What employees want

25 July 2009 - Do we really know what an employee wants from their job? According to a comprehensive survey conducted by the Gallop... read more >

17 interview questions

20 July 2009 - In what kind of job do you think you perform the best? Why? When do you perform the least well? Why? Have you had to... read more >

Blow me down

20 July 2009 - With some major corporate scandals rocking the business world in the past five years, you have to wonder whether... read more >

Ready, aim, retrench

06 July 2009 - No one likes telling an employee it’s time to go, but according to career management specialists, Audrey Paige... read more >

A manner of speaking

28 June 2009 - Have you ever been invited to an important business meeting at a restaurant of your choice (and you’re not... read more >

Age is no barrier if attitude is right

28 June 2009 - How do you really feel about employing older people? Many people in business are reluctant to employ anyone over the... read more >

View from the top

28 June 2009 - In the age of increasing competition and a labour market as tight as the proverbial drum, the highly enlightened... read more >

Counter rage

23 June 2009 - Consumers are fed up and they won't take bad service any more. The Council of Small Business Organisations of... read more >

An unwanted delivery

30 April 2009 - Staff wearing uniforms or dealing with customers are an important link in promoting a business. Millions of dollars... read more >

Australian Business Investment Partnership announced

28 January 2009 - The federal government is set to establish a $4 billion Australian Investment Partnership to support the commercial... read more >

Age is no barrier

26 September 2008 - It’s attitude, not age, that you should be paying attention to when canvassing for future employees How do you... read more >

Sacking made easier for small business

06 September 2008 - When introducing Australia’s new workplace relations system earlier this month at the National Press Club in... read more >

Dad's Army

29 August 2008 - Family businesses often take the family to work and bring the business home. Remember this: you should run a family... read more >

Getting your formula right

10 February 2008 -  How do you know when you have the right business? Richard Shrapnel, director of strategy and planning at... read more >

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